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Interview with author Mandi Casey


When did you first decide you wanted to write?
I started my first novel about 5 years ago when I was working on my master’s degree.
What is your favorite genre to write?
Paranormal all the way.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Paranormal romance, Urban fantasy
Do you have a favorite author?
I’d have to say Karen Moning, her Fae Fever series was amazing.
Is there something you want to write about, that you haven’t yet?
There are so many possibilities in the paranormal romance world with all the sub-genres I’ll probably stick within those realms for a while.
What is one silly fact about you?
Fun question  :)  I taught my dog how to hug, I mean seriously hug people. He’s tall, so he can wrap his arms/paws around people’s waists and hug them. The problem is that now he knows we silly humans think he’s super cute because he can do this that every time he does something naughty he tries to hug either me or my husband before we’ve even figured out something amiss!
Do you have a favorite character you have written so far?
I’m writing Fanged Fury right now, the third novel in the Sydney Sedrick paranormal romance series, and I’m beginning to enjoy writing Kasdeya’s character very much. She’s a complex fire demon who the Dark Lord contracted as a Judge to the vampire king. She’s bitter, sarcastic, loves to cause trouble, but also has emotions she develops and has a hard time dealing with as the novels progress.
Is your writing influenced by people in your life?
I think as a writer it would be hard not to have people in your life influence your writing. A phrase, a gesture, or even a reaction that I see other people having to everyday life events may make it into my writing. I never knows when things are going to stand out to me, I’m always watching :)  
Any advice that you can give to the aspiring authors out there?? 
For those who want to self pub versus traditional publishing, do your research. I can’t emphasize this enough. Learn how to edit! Another very important aspect of the business is gain a following, but pick the social media venues you know you can handle, in other words, don’t generate accounts that you only visit every 4 months because you spread yourself too thin, pick ones you’ll be able to do regular posts and updates too. The last words of wisdom I’ll share (only because it would take me days to go over all that I know, and I’m still learning, I’ve only just begun to chip away at the big iceberg called success!)  get a critique partner, or 3. They are priceless, their knowledge and support are irreplaceable.
Emily, thank you so very much for having me on your blog today! Best wishes to you and all your future projects :)
Betrayal Bites is set for release 6/20/12 by Soul Mate Publishing.
It will be available on:
You can follow me on my blog at and twitter @pararoma

Thank you Mandi for the great interview, and advice for the readers!!

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4 Responses to Interview with author Mandi Casey

  1. Mandi Casey

    Thanks so much for having me here today :)

  3. Emily Walker

    It was my pleasure! :)

  5. Marian Lanouette

    Awesome post, Mandi. I think you hit on the nail with everything that is needed to be a successful author. I have found my critique partners invaluable!!!

  7. Mandi Casey

    Thanks so much for stopping by Marian! Yes, I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it weren’t for my crit partners :)


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