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Interview with Nikki Palomino – Published Author

Nikki Palomino



 When did you first decide you wanted to write?

I grew up in a small town that later became surrounded by Houston. In the back stood a field belonging to Texaco, two ditches and a gravel road. We’d pick blackberries and dream. I was ADHD so my energy surpassed the constraints of nothingness. The only place I could escape to was my imagination. My parents didn’t have lots of money so books were limited to the library with a small selection. My grandfather was a writer, and when we’d visit Overland, I’d get to sit on a stool in his office and watch him type. Being hyperactive at three, it was hard to keep from moving. When I’d let loose, he’d stare me down through his wire-rim glasses, tap my knobby knee with his strong leg and continue to work. I just remember the sheer joy washing over his face as he placed his words in a logical progression. I knew then I wanted to be a writer.

It was from my grandfather’s library I discovered Truman Capote, James Cain, Flannery O’Conner, Harper Lee, Eudora Welty, and poets like Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath. I never got to keep the books, so I brought with me their most prized words and let them circle my brain like the stars surely circle the moon, at least in my imagination.

Early on, I felt isolated like the cook Truman Capote must have felt stranded on the shrimp boat in the Gulf. Different, alone, miserable, part of a frail minority who spilled a mistake with each breath, I was a ghost haunting my own body.

What is your favorite genre to write?
If I have a story to tell, I tell it in a total rush of words, and genre doesn’t mean shit. I just love a great story with heat, secrets, animal instinct, a forbidden taste of new awareness and the struggle to make life fall upon a warm place even if it only lands face-down in a gutter. Ghosts, vampires, thieves, drug dealers all allow their unrehearsed words to tumble from their mouths. And they don’t complain where you place them, supernatural, crime, suspense, romance, gay or straight, just so long as you never ignore them. They are all transient and don’t wear designer labels. They’ll surprise you no matter what the genre. There’s a whole lot of truth in that.

What is your favorite genre to read?

What makes my heart beat faster, makes me cry, makes me horny, words that point toward me, and then turns to scan my soul. Scare me, entice me, and make me want you like no other. I love all genres, exactly how they were meant to be.

Do you have a favorite author?
All the ones I’ve mentioned, many more, and one I didn’t. Daphne du Maurier who wrote The Birds. She absolutely terrified me. Excerpt from The Birds:

The smaller birds were at the window now. He recognized the light tap-tapping of their beaks and the soft brush of their wings. The hawks ignored the windows. They concentrated their attack upon the door. Nat listened to the tearing sound of splintering wood, and wondered how many million years of memory were stored in those little brains, behind the stabbing beaks, the piercing eyes, now giving them this instinct to destroy mankind with all the deft precision of machines.

My choice?  Not regrettable.

Is there something you want to write about, that you haven’t yet?

Most likely but as I write what I’m writing now, I ask, “Why would I want to write about anything else?”

What is one silly fact about you?
That I survived the NYC streets and lived to tell about it in the upcoming novel series, The Underground Diaries, in which I will chronicle five runaways.

Do you have a favorite character you have written so far?
Eric Peterson, protagonist of the DAZED series because he is me and the three junkies I loved. I was a grunge rock musician and toured in the back of a van with the equipment, the rest of the band and under-aged groupies. I slept around and did drugs and prayed, “Please don’t let anyone be a fucking loser like me.” When you use up the excuses, like Eric does in DAZED(The Story of a Grunge Rocker),seeing the ghost you left behind, you stop and salvage. If you’re fucking lucky, there’s some scrap of you remaining.

Does that reflect anyone you know?

I didn’t know the guy staring at me was Kurt. I was trying to cover the show, and he just kept his intense eyes glued to me. We were at a club in L.A. I smiled at him, not sure why. He walked straight over, leaned close and whispered, “Can I borrow your outfit (designer black mini, tighter than tight) for my upcoming gig?” I said, “Sure.” Well, then he didn’t shut up, just told me his name was Kurt, and I just wasn’t thinking. We spent the whole evening together as I tried to politely listen to the killer singer I was supposed to be covering. He took my number at the end of the night and, at 4AM, the ringing started and didn’t let up until I answered. He said, “You know who I am?” I didn’t say anything. I was fucking ready to sleep. So he continued. I huffed, then he said,” I’m Kurt Cobain.” I told him, “I’d have fucked you anyway.”

“Shit.” That’s all he said. I said, “Can I go to sleep please?”

They say confessing is a game of charades, the pretense of our words in a relentless procession. He’d always ask, “Do you love me yet?” I’d say, “Absolutely not.” He’d shake his head, those bold blues staring through me. “That’s a fucking shame.” I’d hit back, “No that’s a fucking fact.”

I wonder if it would have hurt more if I had loved him? But we were already trading what would finally shatter me. And why? I’ll tell you why. He just wanted to give misery the slip. If he had asked, I would have told him I didn’t feel any different.

Unthinkable the way nothing seemed to matter.

Anything you want to say the aspiring writers reading the blog??

Love is a delicious thing while it lasts, but rarely is it permanent. In lieu of love, there are words, the need to breathe, the need to die when it’s time. Write and read, read and write, follow your gut and know your words will never dump you.
Check out the book trailer for DAZED





Eric returns home from the Portland streets to find most things unchanged, but a fellow art student sees the pain beneath the artistic brilliance as the men struggle to survive in a world that hates junkies and fags.


Available at:

e romance books


I have been given ARC of DAZED and once I read it, I will review it here on the website. Thanks to Nikki for the great interview, and thanks to all of you for reading!!



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  1. Richard Balko

    I must Say Donna;

    I am so Proud of you. I am also have the Utmost Respect and Love for you. You are Adorable and Very Beautiful. Despite you extremly busy Schedual, you some how manage to Produce these Awesome Stories and keep an srong mind and a beautiful appearance..
    You have been added to my circle of *Stars*. Congrats on a great well done…… Richie

    Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again really soon.


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