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Interview with Sookie


You don’t have to be a telepath to read Sookie’s thoughts.


Ask Sookie

I had lots of great questions for Miss Sookie come in and I asked them all! If you think of questions you would like to ask her that you do not see here, leave a comment and I will try to get the answers!



Who is better in bed Bill, or Eric?

A lady never kisses and tells; luckily I don’t see any of those around here. I don’t regret a moment of Eric’s amnesia. That is all I’ll say.

Are you mad Alcide appears to turn you in?

 I can’t blame Alcide for wanting do the right thing. I did shoot his girlfriend in the head, even though she deserved it.

 Are you going to be able to let Tara go and help herself?

 I feel like I owe it to Tara to help her through all of this. I don’t think she will make it easy on me, but I am not ready to give up just yet.

What is the dirtiest thing you have ever heard through telepathy?

Good gravy, you really don’t want to know. *leans in closer* but it involves a shifter and his fondness for animal positions, if you know what I mean.

I will never look at a puppy the same way.


 Do you secretly wish you and Pam were Besties

 I think deep down Pam likes me and part of me wishes her and I were closer, but it did feel really good to zap her with my fairy powers.


If you could be any other supernatural being besides a fairy, what would you be

 My stars, that is a tough question. I would love to just be normal. I don’t think being a vampire would be all that bad. Maybe people would stop treating me like something that could break at any second.

You have changed a lot recently you have become a lot darker, do you fear what you might be capable of?

 I think I have been learning to take Eric’s advice and let fairy Sookie talk for me more often, but deep down I’m still the same old Sookie. Just a waitress from Bon Temp.

Speaking of eric, admit it, you loved him a little bit more than Bill.

Comparing Eric and Bill is like apples and oranges…or apples and bananas. *giggles* that’s all I will say.

What about Alcide, you have to wonder what it is like to be with someone warm?

 I’m getting overheated just thinking about that question. *fans self*

Question to what creeps you out more than bloodsuckers or shape shifters?

When you hang around with werewolves and vamps you have to be pretty crazy to even register on that scale. Nothing creepy comes to mind at all.

What does vampire blood taste like?

 There is no way to describe it.

Thanks Sookie we look forward to hearing your thoughts on and watching your Antics on True Blood!

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