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Candy Crum is Having a Free Day!


> When did you first decide you wanted to write?

- I wrote when I was a kid and loved it. It was a dream of mine and I let it go for several years – a decade really. It took a long time for me to get back into writing (or even READING! *GASP!*) but when I did it was like coming back home. It felt right and I’ve just emmersed myself back in it. My first childhood dream was to be an author – definitely should have just stuck with it!

> Did you get nervous the first time you put your work out there?

- Oh I felt like I was going to die! I had “stage fright” and I can say that with absolute confidence. I’ve done talent shows and gotten up in front of people and sang and the stomach twisting, teeth chattering, hand tingling feeling was much the same. But as soon as the good reviews on the single chapters started pouring in I started gaining a bit of confidence and wanted to post more. Now, that is the gas that fuels me. Some people have coffee – I have my fans or those who just enjoy reading my work. Making them happy is like a high for me and makes me want to work ten times as hard!

> What is your favorite genre to write?

-Paranormal all the way! I absolutely love it. I have a theory. I’m stuck in the real world every moment of every day. I read to escape… why not write to escape as well? And why not create for those what others have created for me? A playground in which I can mentally hide and play in until I choose to leave. I would really like to delve into fantasy at some point – something epic.

> What is your favorite genre to read?

-That would also have to be the paranormal/fantasy genres! I am particularly fond of Vampires (who isnt nowadays?). But I do like a good werewolf or a strong/sexy demon!

> Do you have a favorite author?

-I’m sure it will come to no surprise because I’ve never said her name without anyone responding with something close to “Oh, she’s a goddess!” Anne Rice is my absolute favorite author. It was that amazing woman who hooked me on vampires and the supernatural world all together. I owe her my creativity. After Anne, I’d definitely go with Richelle Mead. Her vampires are something new and unique and I loved the epic story she told with her characters and their struggles.

> Is there something you want to write about, that you haven’t yet?

-I’d love to write about witches. I have a plot that would go with a great trilogy that I’d like to start one of these days. But what I’d REALLY love to do is write an epic YA fantasy. It would be a huge thrill. I am most certainly going to have to do some research – reading OTHER fantasy novels – in order to prepare for it. Get myself in the mindset to actually do it! Right now my mind is all paranormal so to even think of a storyline is nearly impossible at this point. But I’ll definitely get there!

> What is one silly fact about you?

- Just one? I have loads! One thing I love to do is fake argue with people in public. I’d only done it a couple of times but when I met my best friend Mallory, that changed. She and I are pros so we do it often. She will say something simple and I will turn it around on her every time and we are always a bit noisy so we can always hear people laughing and giggling at our banter. I also love to do this to my father (hilarioius!). He gets flustered in public but that just makes it more fun! Then he laughs at me because – well, its HIS fault… I got that strange sense of humor from him.

> Do you have a favorite character you have written so far?

-This is a VERY difficult question! Kailah is a great character. I love her to death but I’m going to have to go with either Sayen or Khanae. They are SO deep with emotion/power/control/family that they warm my heart to write. They remind me of the best mothers in the world or even the best grandmothers. They feel like family.

> Does that reflect anyone you know?

-Kailah is a direct reflection of myself. I wrote this book as an epic diary. Many of the things in Kailah’s life reflect mine. I have the same mom, dad, sister, and even the Native American ancestry is mine (but stretched a bit). But as for Sayen and Khanae, they dont really reflect anyone in particular. Mostly just my idea of the ultimate supernatural mom!

> Spaghetti or Lasagna and why?
> If you could meet a character from any novel who would it be?

-Oh my, another hard one! I’d have to say Louis or Lestat (may need some protection on that one!) or Dimitri Belikov from The Vampire Academy series… Yes – I love Dimitri.

> Anything you want to say the aspiring writers reading the blog?

- Make friends! Making friends out there in Facebook world that are other writers/readers/etc is the best thing you can do. You can help one another and its so important to have that support system. That is number one. Without backup, doing it indie style is nearly impossible. Believe me. I made the mistake of trying to do this without it. Other advice would be – to prevent writer’s block ALWAYS make an outline. Make a list of 20 BIG things you want to happen in the book. Each of those things now becomes a chapter and every chapter has something fun and exciting in it and it keeps the readers excited!


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