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Interview with Miranda Stork

Miranda Stork


When did you first decide you wanted to write?

When I was about seven. I was able to read pretty well since I was about three, so leaning towards books just seemed to be something natural. I used to write short stories on folded pieces of A4 paper, and then draw illustrations on them and make my own little ‘books’. When I became an adult, I had lost the idea of it a little, but eventually the voices in my head beckoned and I began to put keyboard to Microsoft Word.

Did you get nervous the first time you put your work out there?

Not really, I was excited to have my work up for people to read. I was a little apprehensive about sending it to reviewers though, but I haven’t had any bad reviews yet, so fingers crossed that continues! Frankly, I was shocked when it was so well enjoyed by everyone, I didn’t expect my first novel to do so well.

What is your favorite genre to write?

Now this is a tricky one, because I always put my books into the ‘paranormal fantasy/romance’ section, but really my books are a mixture of all my favourite genres. I like a little romance, but I like mine a little spiced up, so I add a liberal sprinkle of erotica. Most books I actually read are either classics or horrors, so I love to write horror, and a dash of that goes in as well. Then on top of everything, I like to throw some psychological thriller in, just to blend it all together. And anyone who follows me on Facebook will know I like to write comedy, along with quite a few partners in crime! So I guess I don’t have a favourite, I like to throw everything into the alchemy pot and try to create a nugget of gold.

Dream job if you weren’t an author?

Oh wow, there are hundreds! If I could be anything at all, I would like to be a fire-breathing trapeze artist. Or maybe a chocolate Man Candy taster. No, I’m kidding! I couldn’t travel to those. I’ve done lots of jobs, but one I always wanted to do, and no-one will guess of me, is a Perfumier. I am obsessed with nice smells; fresh cut grass, shoe leather, kitchen spices and flowers…I would love to be concocting scrumptious scents with rich fragrances, and then pouring them into those pretty little bottles. Okay, so maybe I want to be a Perfumier from the nineteenth century, but still. J

Do you have a favorite author?

Charles Dickens, hands down. I have LOTS of favourite authors, but he is the one who sits at the top of the pile. I don’t think anyone has done his blend of satire, horror, and social commentary quite so well, although it’s something I aspire to.

Is there something you want to write about, that you haven’t yet?

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a comedy. I know I can have the odd humourous moment or two, as I said above, sometime people have a chuckle with me on Facebook! It’s an incredibly difficult genre to write a whole book in, but I’d love to take time for it.

What is one silly fact about you?

Hmm…..that I can do a lot of different accents, and like to make people laugh by randomly deciding to do one half-way through a conversation

Do you have a favorite character you have written so far?

It would have to be Erin so far. I loved writing about her, because she was such a complex character. She didn’t start off that way, but as the story progressed between her and Conner, she started to have little idiosyncrasies that even I didn’t realize she had!

Does that reflect anyone you know?

Although it sounds egotistical, she is like a super-duper-awesome version of me. I only say this, because when she was being written, I kept thinking, ‘How would I feel about this?’ So at the end of the book I read her back and realized she thought a lot like me. But she’s the me if I was even more snarky, even more clever, and looked downright stunning. Of course, she has some other ‘things’ about her that I definitely don’t have, but that’s only for those of you who have finished ‘Conner’ to know!

Spaghetti or Lasagna and why?

Can I be cheeky and say neither? I quite like both of them, but after working in an Italian restaurant for a few years, and having quite a few Italian friends, I think I’ve become a food snob. I much prefer Tortellini.

If you could meet a character from any novel who would it be?

Wow, that’s a good question-just one? There are hundreds I’d like to meet! If I had to choose just one though, it would have to be Hercule Poirot, form Agatha Christie’s novels. I loved those books, and still have a huge collection of them which I dip into every now and then. I love that he is so quiet and thoughtful, but his mind is whirring constantly, and he is actually quite deliciously sarcastic in a lot of the novels as well! I imagine a few conversations with him would be a lot of fun.

Anything you want to say the aspiring writers reading the blog?

Keep at it. If you start writing something, but get bored half-way through, you’re not a writer. I hate to break it to you, but as a writer, you must keep writing all the time. I still love writing, but it has rapidly gone from a hobby, and something that might be good, to a full-time job. And by full-time, I’m talking about 70 hours a week! And always be true to your own writing voice. Listen to advice from others, take on board what they tell you (especially readers, who are the people who want to buy your novels!), but remember to stay true to how you write as well.



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  1. Tara S. Wood

    “sometimes we have a chuckle on Facebook” – Why, yes. Yes, we do. Great interview!!! Can’t wait for ERIN!!!


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