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Interview with Nancy Duci Denofio

Interview with Nancy Duci Denofio


What is your favorite thing about radio?


The most intriguing part of radio are the guests, and their stories.  Most hosts on the radio are listeners and give the entire show to their guest. I give the same, although I must know more about each guest, their book, and read it before they are on live.  The perfect interview would consist of time for the guest to promote their work, their past and present, and what is in their future.  The upcoming show includes commercials, taking away ten minutes of talk from a one hour talk show, on a weekly basis, instead of monthly.  The more time I will need to get to know the guest, read as much of their material, or know their position in the arts before show time.  Radio reminds me of a new time – but bringing back the old days when people gathered around the radio to listen to shows, soap operas, news, and more.  Today we have every opportunity to check what is on radio live, what is in the archives, and choose programs which will interest us, or help us with our own life.  Radio goes on for 24 hours a day, around the world.

Think about the advertisement this gives to a guest when it comes to self-promotion.  I understand the right guest makes all the difference in the world.  Communication at its best comes from two people engaging in interesting conversation.  Radio also gives me the opportunity to search for those I wish to interview.  Another part of my radio show I want to mention is Angie from Angie’s Diary has given her VIP Author of the Month the opportunity to join me live once a month, which opens even more doors for her VIP writers.


My interest in each guest and what is important for them to concentrate on, I am a host for them and I want them to know this.  One of the most difficult things I have found is not to give away too much about the Authors work, when this happens we talk about their past, or how they became interested in writing, perhaps in more than one genre.  One thing for sure, we want our listeners to purchase the book, so I treat it like a producer would treat a movie and give them the trailer.


Do you edit one type?


At first I wasn’t keen on editing since it was always my own work, and all I did was change things, switch chapters, and re-type, but I learned this is normal for a writer working on their own work and trying to re write and edit at the same time.  Every writer needs a fresh pair of eyes.


When I began editing poetry and prose I learned how enjoyable editing could be, and I knew why those extra pair of eyes meant a finished manuscript.  I loved editing as long as I was working on material of interest.  Many times I am asked to edit or ghost write books that are not of interest to me, so I had to turn those people down, and direct them to others who may take on their project.  It takes a great deal of time to do things right, giving the writer back a book he or she can pass along to a publisher, or self publish.   The most difficult editing is probably what the reader would consider the easiest, poetry.  Poets are different, I know since my writing began in the seventh grade and I have written poetry and prose all my life, along with several manuscripts.  A few years alo I took on the job of editing poetry for a series, and some I could meet face to face, others I had to speak with across the world, which would mean a different style of writing, even talking.  Since poetry is so personal, and how the poet reads their work is built into their writing, I am pleased to know the facts around editing this type of work, and completed ten books of poetry.  At the moment I am working on a true story, but the person did not write it, another ghost writer did.  I took a quick look at the first few pages and knew it wasn’t a writer, or ghost writer, but a friend.  The book had to be re-written.  So my editing job became first one solid year of interviews, first the wife, followed by the husband and wife, ending with the husband alone.  It would not be until our last interview when the husband opened up, that I knew the entire framework of the book, from beginning to end.  I had walked in their shoes for one year.  If you are editing only, that’s one thing, but ghost writing, then editing is another.  Before you place the title on the title page you have to know what kind of deodorant the person uses, meaning you have to know them like you would your sister or brother.  So my client arrived with a cold first draft, which needed more then editing.  If you choose to do this I must remind you that the time it takes from interviewing, writing, editing, and having that second set of eyes, consumes a great deal of a day – so plan your schedule around the clients book, perhaps giving it two days a week or what you can afford to give up from your own work.


I would like to mention, non writers with a story have no idea where the story begins or in my case with this client, who the story was about.  She believed the story was about her life, her memoir – I had to let her know it was her husband’s life, and she would be the narrator of the book.  Once she heard some of the finished material she understood, and realized she was looking at it from a different direction.


As you probably know I love non-fiction, memoir – this is where I like to sink my teeth into a manuscript, but first you have to learn to walk in their shoes, those few words I mention a great deal.  You can’t write about someone, or edit a memoir if you don’t have enough detail, or know their life – if it’s a true story it has to be completely true, there is no what if’s.  A memoir is a true story – you can’t add fiction.


I love my prose writing since it is basically short shorts – as they are called today, of a big story, but have a beginning, middle and end.  People are interested in short stories or short shorts because they can set a book down, pick it up and not have to recall the entire book, but they recall the character writing the book.  These short prose pieces can be written either in poety, prose, short shorts, or novel formats.  I love many genres and flipping one idea around can give you several books.


I began knowing I was a writer with my first published work of poetry in the seventh grade, the only one in my class.  I was surprised too.  I kept a daily journal since Junior High School, and the years are lined up on my shelf in one of my closets.  I recall doing most of the writing for others while in school, for those who didn’t know about detail, structure, etc.  It would be my husband, who first brought me out to a coffee house at fifteen to read my work, sitting on a stool in a bright spotlight.  From that night on I knew writing would be part of my life, and I extended it into Journalism and writing on issues of national concern, interviewing Presidential Candidates while I lived in the state of New Hampshire.  Some interviews went over one and a half hours, (with Senator Robert Dole) and I requested each be one on one, and not for a few minutes.  Once I interviewed Senator Dole, all the other candidates had their managers calling me, and some I interviewed one on one two or three times.  I am and have been an advocate for the people so what I was doing would only help the public by learning the truth.  So we come back to the truth.  Honesty is so important, a road to follow.  I learned I could try anything in life, and do what I felt comfortable doing.


I began a long manuscript probably twenty years ago, as I researched areas I never visited and needed to know as much as possible from the year 1897 – the manuscript ends in present day.  It has been my biggest challenge, and my biggest love – I am so excited to think I finally realized I was writing a book about four generations, and I am now dividing the book by generations.  I sometimes sneak part of it onto the internet to get some feedback.  My own childhood memoir called “Yesterday’s Child,” a release date should be before the holidays.  These two books are both two different styles of writing, but each are filled with detail – since I am a lover of prose.

So editing and the ghost writing I am doing seem to fall into the same area – you have to love what you are doing to do well.  This is why I mentioned the two works I am now finishing, and my clients work – what an editor can expect.


Who was your favorite candidate to interview on the radio?


That is a hard question to answer since I loved each guest, for sharing their life with me and to the public.  Each guest was amazing and easy to communicate with, since knowing about them before they are on the show – and choosing those I wanted as guests, had a great deal to do with it.


If I took this year alone and mentioned the name of John DeDakis, Senior Editor for Wolf Blitzer on CNN – he first was a guest in 2011 and then again in 2012 when we talked about his second novel, “Bluff” and reminded the audience of “Fast Track” and John talked about his future.  The first interview was different, since he did the talking while he was driving in his car, with a head phone.  A wonderful man, excellent writer, and a fascinating guest, he comes with high recommendations.  Another guest similar to John is Claudette Walker.  The first time we talked about her book, “C-Street,” in 2011, she was tied to a chair, talking to us as if she were the character while a member of her family filmed the segment for UTube.  The segment is still up and running if you would like to view Claudette portraying a character in her book.  Claudette is a dear person with so much talent.  She never stops thinking of something different, new, and inviting.  She appeared on the show in 2011 with C Street, returned in 2012 talking about her non fiction book, The Casey Anthony Murder Trial,”  published by Claudette and her daughter Matrix Filia, and written as a mother – daughter point of view.  Each word, even those not captured by the press, is in this book.  This book like many non-fiction true to life stories concerning murder beyond comprehension, will become part of history.  I know Claudette recently released another book, and is working on the sequel to C Street.

This year I invited Alexandria Altman on to be a special guest host, we had so much in common, and grew to know one another quite well.  She added something special to the program.  I mentioned it would not be fair if I did not interview her about her new book,  “Cinderella Chronicles,” and knowing Alexandria like I do, I knew she would not refuse.  The interview went over like a charm as she told the listeners her story of another Cinderella.  I asked her on the show, not afraid to reveal my own thoughts, “Is this based on a true story?”  She agreed, it was based on a true story – having read the book, as I do with each of my guests, I knew right away this wasn’t a complete work of fiction, it had some points where I was living the story, and I knew she knew more then she shared.  The moment I opened the book (knowing my love of memoir) I fell into the story – page one.  Once again, all of these Authors, and anyone who has been on the radio show deserves your attention.  I would like to mention a few more people.


One evening I was laughing before the show started only because I am not one who gets a joke, I am simply one who listens, never laughs, as I look around a room watching people bend over laughing.  I knew I had no previous knowledge about the work of Mr. CJ Comedy, he was named VIP Author of the Month from Angie’s Diary.  Well, from the time he came on the air until he was finished, everything was a joke, and I mean everything.  I was lucky not to be alone that night and the other’s were more up on jokes then I was.  I laughed, and loved being entertained by Mr. Comedy, as he made up his jokes to go along with the program, unplanned, and linked them with our comments.  I will admit it was one of the difficult shows on my part – since I was sitting trying to figure out the first joke and ten more roars of laughter came between the others.  He was certainly a spice of life, and a joy to have on the air.


I want to thank Angie of Angie’s Diary for the honor of being her first VIP Author of the Month, it has been wonderful, and with her imagination, all other VIP Authors of the month get an interview on my radio show, which will continue with the new show.


I have to mention two Authors interviewed the same night, both men,  R.H. Politz, and C.J. West.  R.H. from Angie’s Diary, began the show talking about Love, Lust and Consiracy, which I reviewed and considered it appropriate material for the show.  Like all those I’ve spoken about, this is a must – along with C.J. who would be talking about his new novel, Addicted to Love.  This is the only show I remember what I said in the beginning, “I want to let the listeners know this is not the girls against the guys tonight,”  It ended up being two outstanding people with fantastic writing abilities.  Since the show both have published additional work – and I would welcome them back.


Speaking about writing abilities, one of the guests from the previous year was Michael Cogdill, an Author and Journalist.  I read his book She-Rain, it came to me while I was reading it that we had another Mark Twain.  His writing style caught my eye, and the story about a young boy and life experiences.  I give Michael a big thumbs up for his outstanding work and also with his other novels – perhaps he will agree to join me again.


This year we had on Pat Bertram, another VIP from Angie’s Diary, she has wrote many books, has been interviewed and interviews Authors too.  The book she choose, I knew from reading it, was very close to her heart.  She was teaching the reader what it was like to lose someone you loved, a soul mate, a loved one, and so on.  I continued to give her credit for pulling together such personal detail on a tough topic of death.  Pats honesty I knew was helping thousands of people all over the world.  I am sure we can bring her back with one of her many creations.


I loved all those I talked with, but I don’t want to leave out Gerald Griffin, Of Good and Evil, one book that is filled with action, drama, and detail – keeping you off the edge of your seat.  He not only is a fantastic writer but a gentle person on the air.  We crossed paths online when he introduced the book to me and told me about his new book, I was pleased to read it.  Now, I hear more paths are opening for Gerald.  He will have to join me to update me on the progress.


In 2011, I have to mention a certain guest who fascinated me, with his work, and his voice as he told about his daily routine.  Anton Mueller, a Script Doctor, who talked to the audience about the difference between a scriptwriter, and a script doctor.  His information, so valuable, together with his knowledge of the movie world, brought us to another part of hosting your own show about the arts.  I hope Anton will join me when I begin the next show.  Charles Unger came on in 2011, and as a producer/director of television, once again we heard valuable information regarding the arts,  Charles, you will be back, I am sure.  Another medium represented was when Mardi Ellen talked about her new app  “The World of Mend.”  You can find out how fascinating, unusual and loved this app will be by searching for either Mardi or the name of the app.  It will be fun to have her back to update us on her progress.


I can’t talk about everyone but one last person I want to thank since he had to remain awake until 2 am to be on the show is Bart Van Ouwerkerkin, Angie’s partner.  I knew he had to have had a great deal of caffeine to talk about the work he does for Angie, his story about what Angie can do for writers and authors, and his life and times.  Bart was the first of her group to introduce the future of VIPs who would be our invited guests.  So if you are a VIP on Angie’s Diary, named Writer of the Month, you are given your own time to talk about your work, and your future.


Can you share a few sentences of a current work in progress?


Sure – this is from the book which I am dividing up into generations.  This would be toward the end of the second book.  I would like to tell you, there is so much drama in these books – that choosing a few sentences isn’t easy.  Even a title for each book hasn’t been set in stone. <S>


“Those filthy hens kept walking in and out of the front doors of homes in Sicily, as if they lived with us, and your Papa loved those hens. I bet he watched them lay eggs near the fireplace,” chuckled Ralph, but stopped, “Hey, pison’ wake up – do you hear me? Hens near the fire, ready to lay eggs, don’t I get a smile?” Ralph’s voice became louder – although he knew John wasn’t going to talk.


“Hey you, wake up: Go ahead be a stubborn Sicilian – go ahead – shit, you got family and they love you and you want to die right here in your marriage bed? Lord in Heaven where’s that brain of yours’, talk to me.”


Giovanni opened his eyes, and in a soft whisper he said, “I remember – hens.”



What is your favorite thing about the writing process?


When something comes to me I can be anywhere, on the porch – inside a car – at a party – anywhere, and I don’t want to forget what I thought was so good at the time, so technology has come out with a new gadget called the “Smart Pen.”  The pen will record your voice, take the notes, thoughts, without having to carry around a notebook like I use to do, and then you plug it into the computer and save it to a file.


You see the writing process is something different to all of us who write.  I have times when I can’t stop writing, other times when I iron clothes – I have made up my mind that a schedule has to be made for deadlines, you can’t be late for a deadline.  If you have made a deadline in your head for a completed novel, a collection of poetry or prose I would advise to push that deadline out a bit, if it is your personal deadline don’t rush on finishing a project.  One prime example is from the section I shared above – I have taken notes for this from my own Grandmother until she passed on, at ninety five.  She lived in the house I lived in, a two family flat.  She was a great storyteller, in the sense of the word, but true stories about her country, and her life.


Some people detest research – me – give me the topic, one I enjoy, and I will research it too death.  You see, a writer has to love to read, even the site of books turns them on – and give them a book sale, even with ebooks, they love to mark up books – what is important to remember, even if they never read it again.


So my process of writing is be on time but don’t push yourself.  Don’t forget the details, and read everything you write out loud.  More mistakes can be heard than seen.


Three Facts About You


I love every minute of life.

I take in everything I can and place it in my memory bank, I call it a filing cabinet of photos – most of my writing I can close my eyes and see it.

I know, I am blessed with family and friends.


Do You Believe in UFOs?


Yes.  Why I am so quick to answer is because of two very strong opinons I have received from two important people whom I trust, and know to be honest.  One of those people I use to work with, he was also involved with NASA, knew everything about space.


One of my loves – to know as much as he does when it comes to the Universe, Worm Holes, etc.  We talked for a long time about UFOs and I admitted that I believed in their existence, and there is no way we could be the only ones floating out here among Universe after Universe, let alone our own, with knowledge and communication.  So I had to research more after our conversation.


I learned more UFO sightings have occurred from the area where I grew up then anywhere else on the globe.  I was shocked at that information, so research and my own personal satisfaction brings me to the last reason.


The second person, or people, are those I love.  Stopping along the side of the road in the 1980’s with many other people, all exiting their cars and staring up at this floating object just above the tree line as it flashed different colored lights, lasted for what seemed like hours but was about five or ten minutes.  No one said a word, they entered their car as if told not too talk.  I remember no one talked about the experience, only once, when the object appeared on television and one person said, “There it is.”  The newspapers and television stations stay away from stories such as UFOs and the existence of such things in their area.  Perhaps too many people still do not believe.


What was your favorite cartoon character growing up?


When I read your question I had to laugh because I heard of a cartoon character all my life, the character’s name was Blonde’s and Dagwood’s baby daughter “Cookie.”  When my family brought me home after three months in the hospital, weight at birth one pound seven ounces, Blonde had given birth to Cookie.  My brother asked my mother if he had a baby sister Cookie?  The funnies were read to him everyday.  Since then I hear of another character, one that I learned to love because of my husband.  Since we were fifteen we knew one another, and he told me my personality, looks, LOL, were like Lucy of the Peanuts Characters, so we have all these Lucy plastic figurines’ he places on the table for parties, and birthdays.  Yes, I learned a great deal about Lucy.

Would I rather have fame or fortune?


Okay, I tell people never too lie, tell the truth, so I have – and so many people know me well enough they would know I would rather have fame.  I am the person who needs a twenty dollar bill in her pocket in case someone decides they are going to lunch, etc.  I do not save money, but I find things I need a great deal of the time – my effort isn’t going into my livelihood for fortune, but for fame.  I recall many individuals who are remembered in life for what they did, not how much money is in their pocket or bank accounts.  I am the type who gives things away instead of having a garage sale – cleans out from one season to the next and I call up friends and find out if they need any of the stuff I just won’t use.

The fame I hoped for since I was a child, when I danced and was the first one to develop a talent show in Franklin School.  As I grew the principal told me they never had another one after I left the sixth grade.  I would tell the kids what to do, from curtain time to holding signs – but I made sure I also had some performance on stage, not all behind the scenes.  That was famous.  Another part of childhood, chosen for a permanent part in the Patty Duke Show at thirteen, after being in summer stock of the Sound of Music, I never felt so much joy on the inside.  I loved what I was doing, loved the audience, and  imagination.  I carry the same traits with me today – love the people, love to perform, love to read my writing out loud, and do it because of that love I found so long ago.


Tell us one book that is your all time favorite


I was always fascinated by the life story of Margaret Mitchell and her writing of “Gone with the Wind.”  Everyone knows the story, movie, and that Ms. Mitchell never wrote another book in her life, only one.  It wasn’t fiction in my eyes, it told the truth about the South, and how they lived during those years – it showed in great detail the differences in class, families, routines, and personalities.


I was teaching a writing class in the early 80’s, and I had an elderly woman in my class who waited to talk to me after class.  She started talking about how she was friends with the Mitchells, the writer of Gone with the Wind.  She caught my attention.


She went on telling me she never was a writer, didn’t like to write, but wanted the history of her family on record, and sat down and just wrote it out as plain as day.  She mentioned how long she worked on it, meaning twenty years, a little here and a little there – finally a friend from NY arrives, she told me, after hearing about her manuscript about the south during the Civil War.  She did not want to let it go, but he took it anyway – and the rest is history.


Say something concerning, embarrassing, guilty, or pleasure


I recently wrote about something that fits all three categories for Angie’s Diary, not  published yet, but if it comes out look for it, it is called, “Giants.”


Are you an introvert or extrovert?


Extrovert – I was told I was born with a smile, you understand how you hear things from childhood.  But my own thoughts, at times I need some peace and quiet, although my best writing is accomplished when I am at our local café “Uncommon Grounds” or when I am sitting in some strange place with people talking all around me.  But those moments that I take advantage of, when I am alone on the porch – I put to good use because that’s when things happen to strike my mind, and there goes the peace – out the window.


I know I talk too much – but I listen as much as I talk, but tell my family that and they would laugh.  Once I played a trick on them, I said if they did not want to hear me I wouldn’t talk for the rest of the vacation, so I zipped my mouth to five children – and used hand movements and gestures for the longest time.  They tried so hard to get me to talk.  One person thought I was deaf, and asked to help me cross the street.  Lucky enough the kids were not around and I whispered the truth, he laughed.  I am reminded of those times I tried to be an introvert.


Tell us about your favorite type of person.


My favorite type of person and only real friend is someone I can trust, believe, has a sense of passion, is kind, loves to laugh, share, and is always honest.  I cannot tolerate someone who lies.


Tell us your least favorite type of person.


Number one – dishonest – those type of people who lie to cover up a previous lie – it just never stops.  I have learned to judge people but not as quickly as some – by what is obvious to me, and even to others, a person has lied, not a little white lie, but one of those lies you just can’t repair.  This is a dishonest person.  Someone who has to lie to make friends or keep friends isn’t worth the trouble in my book. I heard all my life, “Honesty is the Best Policy.”


When is your favorite time to write?


My best time to write is following my first cup of coffee.  I do my best writing early in the morning until three in the afternoon, after that I am back to being a regular person, not one who writes, or researches, files, and sorts.  The other times I feel my best writing is while traveling, or as mentioned before at my favorite coffee house, or even sitting in the public park.  But it’s like the old school time – three o’clock, work is over.  It doesn’t happen as often as I wish – with deadlines and such.


What is your least favorite circumstance?


I often attend charity functions, which requires you to dress up, men in black ties -  so I insist to my husband that I will do fine without wearing my black rimmed glasses to an event.  So it is all in vain, I tuck them away in a little purse, as most women, but they don’t have the vision I do without glasses.  Now I know why my husband wants me to wear them, since they only work for close up not distance – I am asking him, “Who is here?  What’s on the table to eat?  Where are the drinks?”  “Tell me when you see a familiar face.”


What is your favorite color?


My favorite color has always been blue – although my mother would have told me I looked great in red.  Blue, I think of the ocean, and I love the ocean.  Blue makes me see a wonderful blue sky – and I always wanted to reach to the sky.


What is your favorite monster?


Since I was brought up during the days when Halloween was first released, as a young girl I thought a monster could be anyone – even a neighbor, and they can be anywhere you go, you can’t get away from them.  We just don’t know it.


Tell us your thoughts on self-publishing.


Good question since things are changing in the business of publishing.  I feel if you are a good writer, a great storyteller, and have a story so great it captures the attention of one reader, onto more and more readers, your book will sell anywhere.


New writers – as I mentioned before, are finding out they can write for the masses without being charged, but published.  I am one who has no hassle with ebooks, I feel they are a great source of reading, and sure, you may get a piece of junk, but if you are watching the numbers you know who is selling.  If you do not use ebooks, you can go to a local publisher who charges you about eight hundred dollars and you receive fifty books and the rest you have to order as needed.  They give you a spread in the local paper, to advertise your book one time.  If you pick the publisher, they will publish your book if you are lucky, you get the proof copy these days and not five copies as they did about ten years ago, and pay for each book there after if you link up with a reading the publisher would supply the books.  Unfortunately, there is no record of who bought your book.  Ebooks send out a check to the writer, minus their fee.  I have met a few people who made it to the top with their ebook and plan on having them on the radio show.


In today’s world to even think of making money from a small publisher, it’s not enough to live on, and to be picked up by a larger publishing house, which are feeling the change too, receive an advance, you have to be one of the best writers, known throughout the world and their top client, or one of them.  The days of old – top publishers in search of – is over – but, I do believe top publishers can help those who do well with their own ebook.  Perhaps we are heading into a new phase where anyone can publish, the publisher finds the best without hiring a staff to go through stacks of mail and rejection slips, and it’s all done via technology.


Are you a tweeter?


Yes.  So easy to pass things around the world – and if you repeat it over a twenty minute period, you can re-tweet your own tweet.


Porch or Hiking – which would you prefer.


At first I was going to say hiking, but that was a few years ago.  I would still climb a mountain as I did several times, if I could – there is nothing like mother nature, and finding something strange in the forest.  But the porch has a special meaning in my life.  You see a great deal of my ideas come from sitting in a chair, facing the woods, and like someone turned on the news – things begin to pop into my mind, and I have so many new ideas all at once.  It’s like having a thinking cap on, remember those hats once used on a children’s show.


What is your favorite type of music?


That is easy too answer, if you see my legs bounce, or feet tap or I am trying to remember all the words while my lips move, and multi-tasking, then I am on the right station.  So the answer would be, anything I knew and loved during the good ole days – it’s just blowing in the wind.


What is your favorite memory?


I have many favorite memories but one which would prove itself helpful to some writers would be my daily breakfast with Grandmother.  My parents both worked so before school I was sit at my Grandmother’s side.  I waited for her to end her prayer, then I crumbled things like Ritz, Graham, Dandy Crackers, or dried Italian Bread into her homemade cocoa.  This is where I learned of story telling, heard about her life – until she was 95 yrs old.  She was as smart as a whip, my Mother told me.  Grandmother would sit in her chair as I grew older and answered all my questions, preparing for my own book.  So I had Grandmother who loved to talk, and my Mother who sang Irish Tales and told me all those tales of Shakespeare she memorized. So my writing is part Sicilian, and part Irish.


What is your favorite quote?


A very simple one, which has to do with writing is –


“Getting even is one reason for writing.” by William Gass


What is your favorite way to spend the evening.


In the fall and winter of the year, I snuggle in my nightwear on the couch, in front of our wide screen, watching a movie -  Although, along with the movie we need the pizza, chicken wings, or nachos – with my husband.


In the spring and summer of the year, when the weather is fine – going out to an outside eatery and enjoying the night air with my husband.


Tell us what you are working on now


I am sure I mentioned all of these within questions above, so I will make it short and sweet.


“Yesterdays Child” A collection of prose and short stories of my childhood and youth which easily can be adjusted and turned into a memoir of youth.  The release date for this is prior to Christmas.


Ghostwriting for a Client – A terrific story told to me, one I enjoyed and said yes, I would do it. (The full account of this has been told above)


Breaking down my longest story ever told into four books by generation.  I shared a few lines from the second book within this interview.  A true story – one I learned about all my life, and its time to tell.


And preparing for two new radio shows.


What do you want to share with other authors?


Believe in yourself, because you’re the one who knows what’s best for you.  Do not try to be someone your not, be yourself in writing as you are everyday of your life.  If you have the imagination, or tell a great story – go for it – don’t down yourself.  One important rule, read what you write out loud, you will notice the difference and hear your mistakes.


Nancy Duci Denofio


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