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Interview with R. Mac Wheeler

Interview with R. Mac Wheeler


What is your favorite thing about writing science fiction?

Woah. Let me introduce myself first. Gosh! I’m surprised you didn’t ask me, “What color underwear do you wear?” First things first.

 I’m an author of character-driven SF/F, paranormal, and suspense filled with quirky sorts who carry more baggage than they can manage, in worlds that aren’t that far out. My future-settings point out that human kind will never change.

 (By the way, I’m commando. I never leave home, so don’t need the…er… support.)

I’ve spent a decade jumping from genre to genre, to “find my voice.” The setting, I’ve learned, isn’t really all that important to me, because my stories are about a person who a whole lot of crap drops on. There are infrequently goals or a “story arc.” They simply try to survive. They could be in a space ship, the mountains surrounded by ogres, or pulled along by type-A personality bounty hunters. It really isn’t important to the story. What is important, is that you love the character and care what happens to him or her, and the action comes in a rush to keep you from falling asleep.

Is there a genre you would like to try that’s different?

I’ve tried about everything except erotica and romance. I don’t have the imagination to fool anyone that I know anything about those emotions or good sex.

Could you live without coffee?

Cough, cough. I just crossed myself and genuflected, and I’m not Catholic.

What’s your favorite thing about the writing process?

It means I don’t have to go back to that Fortune 10 company that gave me angina before 9:30 every morning.

Do you like Star Wars?

The stars are having wars? Really? I didn’t even know. Sounds dangerous.

Three facts about you.

I’m a nasty old curmudgeon.

I go googoo over puppies, though.

My church is the nearest forest. The sky is my synagogue.

Do you believe in UFOs?

You can’t fool me. I know eighty percent of the people I meet are from other planets. What else would explain the Democratic Party, for goodness sakes?

Pick one book that is your all-time favorite?

Anne McCaffrey’s White Dragon. If you want to hook a teen on reading, slip that under their pillow.

Embarrassing guilty pleasure.

Nothing embarrasses me.

Your thoughts on Self Publishing.

In the perfect world we could all find publishers. In this world, even if you find one, you’re likely to find a shaft through your back. I was excited about Indie publishing sixteen months ago when I decided to get my 19 novels out there. I’m editing my last trilogy, and have learned enough to take away the zeal. What drives me absolutely nuts, is the dilution of our work by the thousands of writers giving away the novels they’ve spend ten months drafting, editing, polishing and publishing…just to nudge their readership up a bit in the Amazon ratings…which is really stupid. (Did I mention I’m opinionated?)

Anything you would like to say to the aspiring authors reading this blog?

You can stare at blog titles all day, read ‘em until blood flows from every orifice. There are more than you can count.

 But I have a post every Sunday evening you can’t live without.

 I do what I call my Sunday Safari. I tote a camera to a new park near my home, and click every interesting bug, flying, swimming, crawling thing, and lots of green things here in Florida we didn’t have back home in West Texas. Visit. I try to make it an artistic event. But if you like nature or animals like me, you’ll enjoy yourself.

 Go here.

 My other links: Home PageContact me On KindleOn Nook


Emily, thanks for inviting me to drop by. It’s always nice to meet new people. And you’re one of the swell ones.

 Bye, Yall

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2 Responses to Interview with R. Mac Wheeler

  1. Karen S.

    Greetings, I arrived via your superb author R. Mac interview! Amazingly smart questions too, which without a doubt brought out just the “R. Mac” I’ve been discovering, post by post and emails here and there. His photos speak volumes. But, I have to admit your questions had him tossing out comments that are quite visionary …for a guy who likes to spring his characters to real life, I can see the background so clearly here, can’t you? Although, I know he has to know about the stars and that whole war thing right?!!! Very awesome interview thanks for sharing it here with us.- To future adventures through words and settings- Karen

  3. Lisa Regan

    You are hilarious. I love this interview!


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