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Alpha Male Blog Hop

Welcome to the Alpha Male Blog Hop! This is going to be an exciting four days of sexy leading men and tons of giveaways.

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The Mighty Alpha Male

Alpha males are often the glue that holds a tale together. They lead you to safety, sweep you off your feet, and think with their um.. heads, most of the time.

For this hop Jeane Sashi got a little intimate with the Alpha Males in her books and found out what made them tick.

Be mindful there is some 18+ content below and enjoy!

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Interview Questions & Answers for

Reggie Lowe of

Intimate Moments

By Jeané Sashi – Author

1Q. How long were you and Tonju married before the divorce?

1A. Well, let’s see, Tonju and I married right out of college, she was…hmmm.  We were married for five years.

2Q. Why did you and Tonju divorce?

2A. Tonju and I divorced because of my long hours at work and the majority of the time I was not at work alone…if you know what I mean.

3Q. You’re a good looking man, do you expect women to do what you say and fall at your feet?

3A. Thank you for that compliment.  I wouldn’t say that I expect women to fall at my feet but it wouldn’t hurt if they stumbled a bit and agreed with 90% of the things I say.  It would be for their own good.

4Q. Were you disappointed that Tonju didn’t go home with you the day you stopped her on the freeway?

4A. That day on the freeway.  Yeah, I was disappointed, I always thought that Tonju would never say no to me but that day she left me with a big hard on and my jaw on the pavement of the freeway.

5Q. Did you expect Tonju to wait on you until you finished with the other women?

5A. Yeah, I always thought Tonju would be there.  That she would never leave.  I took her for granted.  She’s a strong independent woman.

6Q. What’s more important to you, money, possessions, or family?

6A. At one time money and possessions were the most important thing to me.  Losing Tonju made me see that family is more important to me.  It takes losing a good woman to slap a man into reality.

7Q. In the work you do, you come in contact with a lot of women, how many of them have you had sex with?

7A. Now, that’s a loaded question.  You make me sound like a male whore.  I just like sex.  But, to be honest, I hadn’t bedded down every woman I came in contact with, I do have my standards…and my limits.  Every woman is not my cut of tea.

8Q. Did you cheat on Tonju while you were married to her?

8A. Damn, you want it all out there.  Did I cheat?  I came close a few times.  I didn’t have sex with them, it that’s what you mean.  Did I let them suck my dick?  Yeah, I did.  Did I eat their pussy?  No, I didn’t.  I did and do have some morals.

9Q. What do you see in the future for you and Tonju?  If at all anything?

9A. My future with Tonju is bright now.  It looks damn good.

10Q. Had you ever met Tonju’s high school ex, Marcus Anderson?  If so, what did you think of him?

10A. Her high school ex?  No, I never met him.  Why?  Is there something I should know?  Then again, that’s in the past, I have her now…his loss.

11Q. Have you met Tony Greer, Tonju’s law colleague?  Your first thoughts of him where what?

11A. I met Tony Greer, he was cool for a moment, then he opened his mouth.  He almost got my fist in it.  But it’s all good.

12Q. Have your really changed and why should Tonju give you a second chance?

12A. I’ve changed a great deal.  As I stated before, it took me losing Tonju to realize what I had.  To realize that money and possessions are not the most important things in the world.  I and Tonju getting back together would allow her to see that I can be the man that she wants.  I can be the man that she fell in love with in college.  We’ve both have changed and have grown up a great deal.

13Q. Can you put your philandering and workaholic ways in the trash and put Tonju first?

13A. That’s a fighting word, philandering.  I don’t work as hard as I used to.  I’ve come to hire a better staff of people and delegate a lot.  As for the philandering, it’s good to have the attention from women but it’s only one woman that I want; only one woman’s legs I want to be between; and only woman’s clit I want to suck.  I hope I answered your question.

14Q. How often is sex on your mind?

14A. Sex is on my mind twenty out of twenty-four hours in a day.

15Q. Are you always ready to get freaky anywhere?

15A. Aren’t you?  It doesn’t matter where you are, if the feeling hits me and my lady is with me, I’m going to take the shot.  If a man has a lady like I do; looks like my lady; and has the sexiness that spills from her pores, you’d want to freak her any and everywhere.

16Q. Instead of finding you another female, why did you seek Tonju out?

16A. I dated quite of few ladies after the divorce between Tonju and myself, however, I kept comparing each woman to her.  You see, Tonju is a Lady.  There is a difference between being a lady, a woman, and a female.  One is born into being a female, then transforms into a woman, and later learns to be a lady.  Most females miss the mark and remain in woman transformation.  They call themselves a lady, which the term is used loosely nowadays, but they are by far no lady.

17Q. Where does your creative, freaky side come from?

17A. Do you watch porn movies?  If not, you should.  By watching those, you can learn a lot.  Add your own imagination and put a twist to it, then master your techniques.

18Q. I know you realize you have sexy bedroom eyes, do they get you in trouble?

18A. My eyes used to get me in trouble.  I used to speak with my eyes, that’s when the women would fall at my feet.  Now, I speak using my mouth.

19Q. Where is the freakiest place you’ve had sex?  And who was it with?

19A. The freakiest place I’ve had sex…it had to be in my car.  Now, I know you’re thinking, ‘In your car?  Most people have sex in their car, that’s nothing new.’  Well, it can be new if I’m driving while she’s sitting on my lap with my dick inside of her, riding me while I’m driving.  And I didn’t have an accident.  I won’t tell who I was with.  Let’s just say, it’s memorable.

20Q. With you being sexually active, do you have a bunch a babies everywhere?

20A. Oh hell no.  I don’t have any children.  I’ve made sure of that.  I’m not snipped or anything, but I did use protection.  I mean, I doubled up.  Choked that chicken and made sure the condom left with me.

21Q. If you had your way, would have taken (had sex with) Tonju right on the freeway when you stopped her?

21A. Shit.  I wanted Tonju right then and there.  She was looking good!  When she pressed her breast against my chest, shit.  She knew what she was doing.  Left me with that damn hard on righ on the side of the freeway.

22Q. If a female were to stand in front of you right now and offer herself to you would you take her up on her offer?

22A. Oh no.  She can stand butt ass naked if she wants to and my dick could rise to full attention, I won’t touch her. And I won’t let her touch me.  Now, Lord knows I would want to but there is no way I’m going to jeopardize what I have now for a piece of ass.

23Q. Do you prefer a female to come to you wanting you or do you prefer to go to the female wanting her?

23A. That plays both ways.  We can go to each other.  But, it’s nice to come home and see my lady sprawled out across the bed naked with her legs spread open, pussy wet, nipples hard and ready.  All I have to do is dive in, face first…shit!

24Q. Do you feel a female is to always be sexually ready for her male?

24A. I feel females should never say no or deprive her man of sex.  It doesn’t matter how she feels, the word no regarding sex should never come out of her mouth.  And that works both ways.

25Q. What does sex mean to you?  What does love mean to you?

25A. Sex to me means, to have it when I want it.  Love to me means the giving of myself to the one person in my life that I don’t want to be without.


Questions & Answers for

Kevin Stokes of

The J Spot

By Jeané Sashi

1Q. How long have you been a bartender?

1A. I haven’t been a bartender very long.  This job just landed in my lap when I was looking for a job.

2Q. Did you know that being a bartender comes with duties that you perform?

2A. Duties?  What duties?  I just mix drinks, make sure the patrons are fulfilled and oversee the employees.

3Q. You seem to go above and beyond for your patrons, why is that?

3A. Going above and beyond is good customer service.  Keep the patrons coming back for more.

4Q. What attracted you to Melanie?

4A. Ahh, Melanie.  She was uninhibited when I first met her.  But, I think that was due to the fact that she had a bit of alcohol in her.

5Q. Why did you play the game and seduce Melanie in the bar the first night you met her?

5A. I wanted to see how far she would go with her flirting.  To see if the alcohol really had a hold on her or if what she was doing was all her own doing.

6Q. Females leave you their panties as a calling card, have you called any of them?  If so, what was the outcome?

6A. Since I’ve been here, I’ve received business cards with home phone numbers on the back of them, and panties with phone numbers written in them.  I hadn’t called any of them.  If it was that easy for them to give those things up to me, then it would be that easy for them to give it up to someone else.  I don’t want it if it’s going to that easy.

7Q. The female on the same flight as you to New Orleans, did you ever see her again?

7A. Ha! No, I didn’t see her after we disboarded the flight.  She dared me and I took her up on it.  I believe I surprised her.

8Q. What happened between you and the female that you were living with when you arrived in New Orleans?

8A. That female.  Well, I needed a place to stay and she provided one.  Being with her was just temporary, I didn’t see it as being long term and I told her that.  But, for some reason she wanted to hear differently.

9Q. Do you usually deal with married women?

9A. I’ve dealt with all women.  It just so happened that the last woman I dealt with was married; a lonely married woman.

10Q.When you and Melanie were on the evening cruise, why did you not have sex with her on the boat?

10A. I wanted to take Melanie on the lounge of that boat but I also wanted her to see a different side of me.  I wanted her to see that I’m not a dog and just out for one thing.

 11Q. Are you a sexually active male?

 11A. Sexually active, no.  Like and enjoy sex, yes.  What man wouldn’t?

  12Q. How many females have you had sex with in the bar?

  12A. Do you men have sex in the bar, or the number of females that come in the bar?  Either way, I’m declining to answer.

13Q. If you could have your way, where is the freakiest place you would want to have sex with Melanie?

13A. I’d want to have sex with Melanie on the beach, right smack in the middle.  No blankets or anything to cover us up with.

14Q. Where do you see you and Melanie in the long run?

14A. Me and Melanie on the lounge of that boat but I also wanted her to see a different side of me.  I wanted her to see that I’m not a dog and just out for one thing.

15Q. If Melanie had chosen not to go to California with you, would you have gone alone?

15A. Yeah, I would have gone without her.  I received an opportunity and I wasn’t going to pass it up.  I’m glad she didn’t back down and decided coming with me was the best place for her.

16Q. Is sex a very big part of your life?  If so, why?

16A. Sex plays a big part in any relationship.  In my relationship, yes it does.  I like sex, I want sex, and there’s a need for sex.  Not having it could be a deal breaker.

17Q. Do you consider yourself an affectionate male?

17A. I’m very affectionate…with the right woman, and I now have the right woman.

18Q. What is it that makes you stand out from the rest of the bartenders in the city of New Orleans?

18A. I wouldn’t say that I stand out any differently from any other bartender but I would say that I’m not just a bartender, I’m also manage the place.  The J Spot is an upscale place and has quality people.  Those other places are trash.

19Q. What was your last relationship like?  Why did it end?

19A. My last relationship was with a married woman.  It ended with me cracking her husband’s skull before going out of the window.   I spent a little time in jail for that.

20Q. Looking at you and the bulge in your pants from here, it appears you’re well endowed, is it safe to say that’s correct?

20A. Damn, I see you’re admiring what’s in my pants.  I take it you want to get in there maybe even taste it.  My endowment is not too shabby.  Women smile.

21Q. If I asked you to show me your endowment, would you?  Why or why not?

21A. I thought y wanted to see my dick.  Well, sorry to say, that’s not going to happen.  This here dick belongs to only one lady now.  It’s all hers.

22Q. Are you always aggressive and have to have things your way?

22A. I’ve always been aggressive, it’s in my nature.  It turns me on to see a woman doing what I want her to do.

23Q. If a female does not do what you want her to do, do you leave her alone?

23A.  Naw.  I’m not going to make anyone do what they don’t want to do but that would show me that she’s not the one I want.  So, I would keep looking.

24Q. Your lips look sweet and kissable, are they?

24A. You want to kiss me and suck on my lips don’t you?  Better yet, you want my lips to suck on your lips…both sets, don’t you?  That’s not going to happen.  These lips only go down on one clit.

25Q. Why didn’t you give the other female that wanted you a chance?  The one that almost had the run in with Melanie?

So what is this blog giving away?? Glad you asked! Make sure you come back tomorrow for Day 2 where Janiera Eldridge will be interviewing her hot Alpha Males. Just make sure you comment on this post only to be entered into the contest. As for what this blog is giving away. 

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