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Why Emma Michaels Loves to Write!

What do you love about writing?

Writing is the ultimate freedom. You sit down at your desk in your normal life and suddenly you can do anything you want in any world you choose to create. Growing up with asthma and other health difficulties that have always limited how much I have been able to do really made me crave the freedom to be able to do more and reach for more. Before moving from Los Angeles to Washington State I didn’t really allow myself that freedom until my fiancé after the move asked me what I had always wanted to be (not the answer you tell everyone, but that one you keep a secret because if you tried for it and it didn’t happen it would break your heart).

I admitted my love of writing and he encouraged me to pursue it. It was almost as though all I had really needed was for someone to figure it out and tell me to go for it because from there I started writing and I haven’t stopped! I guess I have never realized how obvious it was to those around me that my true passion was reading and writing (I was the girl with a room stuffed to the brim with notebooks and who always tried to take out just a few books over the library maximum to have checked out at one time).

I feel like writing is so much more than just an outlet for emotions and creativity, it is a chance to get to create that world that you feel pulled towards, then step away from it and find another and another. It is an adventure. The saying a man who reads lives many lifetimes within the span of his own, also stretches to writing. I get to live through my characters and do things I would never actually have the possibilities to even contemplate.

I love writing because through words we are given the power to create, learn to understand and explore.

Thank you for having me on your blog and to everyone reading!



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