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Guest Post from Madison Daniel

Madison Daniel


My Youth


I’ve been an artist and writer at heart, all my life. I’ve always written in some form, from designing mini comic books with lined paper and crayons, to shaping poems and music into songs. I’ve always created in some form and it all started with an overactive imagination when I was a kid. And what influenced that young and squishy brain of mine the most? Easy…cartoons.


I love cartoons. I loved them when I was a little boy and I love them today. So I figured I’d give you a lesson in the old school, a walk down memory lane. The best and most influential eye candy from my youth.




My earliest memory of television is enjoying Bugs, Daffy, Taz and the rest of the crew. They introduced me to my inner prankster, my instinct for slapstick and my love of moving images. I still believe that coyote can eventually get that speedy bird. And a little man from Mars with a silly voice will always bring a smile to my face!




There is ONE truth and ONE truth only. “One shall stand. One shall fall.” If there were no Transformers cartoon from the 80’s, there would probably not be a Madison Daniel. At least not the imagination machine you see before you. That’s how much this show and series meant/means to me. I spent every Saturday morning rooting on these amazing robots. I spent my afternoon hours playing with the toys. (psst…I still have some of them!) My forever hero will always be the BIG, BOLD, HONORABLE Autobot leader Optimus Prime.




Go lions!!! While I spent my mornings with the transforming robots above, I spent my childhood afternoons (after school), glued to the TV screen cheering on the heroic defender of the universe! I used to get off the school bus and literally run home as fast as I could to catch the newest episode. I was addicted. Still kinda am. Ha!




Thundercats! Hoooooo!!! One of the coolest swords in 80’s history. I still remember chasing the family dog around with a plastic replica of the famous Lion-o sword! Hahaha. This cartoon has recently been given the anime treatment and has a brand new series on TV again. Not too shabby!





My latest addiction is none other than the short lived, yet often acclaimed, Invader Zim. This fantastic slice of demented heaven premiered in 2004/2005 and instantly became my favorite. No longer on the air, but still immensely popular. I personally still quote this show an a daily basis. “Give me all your meeeeat!” Ha! I hope that one day, they will bring back all the original creators and make another round of episodes. Zim is easily my favorite anti-hero in all of cartoons. Best voice acting ever…EVER! ;)


There you have it. My youth in colorful bliss! Thanks for taking the time to get to know what shaped my spirit. You rock…and…


That’s all folks!!! ~ M


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