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I have recently been trying to add more forums, and groups to my daily activities in order to make connections and reach new visitors for the blogs. These are a couple I have come across just recently.

This site allows you to list your information as an author and add the links you want people to visit.

“There are very few places where authors are able to add their information, one time, including promoting links to buy their books on all bookseller platforms. A place where authors continue to write while expert SEO people can assist in Social Media Marketing for free.  Authors need an unbiased place to shout out about their creative works without ‘big brother’s’ controlwithout fear of loosing to unknown algorithms.” -Angel Investor-”

These Angel Investors allow you to list your information and connect with readers for free!


This is a site I just discovered that you can create a book bubble for your book for interested readers to find. I plan on trying this one soon!!

The Author’s Den

This is another place that brings together readers and writers. The free version allows you to list your bio information and list your work which is awesome. You can also post short stories and information for people.

Other sites that you can use!! - submit your book for promotion

submit your book for promotion

Book Grow

Lists of Places to Promote

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