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Emily and Alexia’s Harlequin Battle!



 Alyssa Franklin thinks moving to a small coastal town will be the new start she needs. Escaping humiliation and scandal back home, she sets up in a small bungalow which needs more work on it than she can handle. Hiring Simon Boden to fix the mess, nothing prepares her for the challenge the house will bring, pushing both their limits to the max. She’s determined to not fall for the mysteriously alluring Simon, but can she cement in her feelings before they become her downfall yet again?

Simon Boden has never left the small seaside town of Barista, but he’s happy to live and work in this quiet inconsequential town, keeping well to himself. After accidentally bumping into his stunning new neighbor, and being the only contractor available near Alyssa’s bungalow, he takes the job to patch up the endless flow of problems the house keeps throwing at them. The young brunette draws him in like no other woman ever has before. She’s dangerous and he can’t risk ruining his perfect life to let her in. She might be as broken as her tiny house, but this woman is everything he thought he never needed.


Georgia Mayhew is a matchmaker in the small town of Buxton, Oregon. She has a unique clientele from the serial marriage enthusiast to the women who wants a different match every week. When Denny Philips comes in to find his match, he is different than anything she has ever encountered. The rugged logger has that sexy lumberjack look down to a science although he doesn’t know it. Doing everything in her power to find him a match while he rejects every woman she sets him up with, she begins to wonder if she is the match he is looking for.

Denny Philips is upset because he lost a bet with his strong willed daughter and now he has to visit Mayhew’s Matchmaking. His daughter wants him to find someone to replace the woman who left him almost three years before. He sets out on a mission to rebuff every woman the matchmaker sets him up with. The fiery redhead is determined to find him a match, but he starts to wonder if she could be the one for him.

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