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Interview with Emma Hibbs

What inspired your new release?

Tragic Silence came from a whole bunch of different directions, so it’s really tough for me to pin it down to just one single point! But something that definitely had a huge impact was being diagnosed with some mild photosensitive conditions called photophobia and PLE. It meant I had to start being careful about how much sunlight I could be exposed to. At the time, I was sixteen, and quite frustrated about the whole thing. So as an outlet, I designed my own take on vampirism, treating it as similar to what I experience, but with a few paranormal things thrown in!

Tell us about any WIPs you have

I have a lot of WIPS at the moment – I actually made a list of them not long ago and there are eight novels in my to-do pile! Next year I’m planning on starting a brand new high fantasy adventure series called The Wingspan Chronicles, which will be six books long, so that should keep me busy for a while!

How many people ask you to read their books?

I get a few requests sometimes, mainly from writer friends. But for the most part, people ask me to proofread stuff for them and make sure the grammar is all correct. I’m honoured if someone wants me to read their work.

In a word sum up your writing style

Oh, wow, this is hard! I really had to wrack my brain for an answer to this one! My books are all very eclectic, but I think the one thing they have in common is acceptance. It’s a theme that always seems to show up in varying forms in my stories. Acceptance of other people; of yourself; of how good or bad the world can be; of letting people into your life; of letting go. Nothing I write about is ever passive, but I think that aspect of my characters’ psyche plays a big part, no matter what the book is. They all have to find acceptance in their own ways.

Do you have a character you enjoyed writing the most?

For Tragic Silence, I have to say the bad guy! I love writing villains anyway; I really enjoy seeing the dynamics of their characters, but the Lidérc in Tragic Silence is one who I’ve been particularly fascinated with. He’s quite a key player in the bigger story that runs through the entire series. When I first started work on him, I was constantly thinking about how I would not want to run into him in a dark alley, but the more time I’ve spent with his character over the years, the more facets I’ve seen. He’s brutal, but composed; relentless, but patient; he plays some very twisted mind-games. And the thing that would probably unnerve me the most if I ever did run into him: he never raises his voice, no matter what.

Is there a genre you would like to try?

I like to take myself a little bit out of my comfort zone with every story, seeing about doing something a different way with the genre. Just as long as there’s some kind of fantasy or paranormal element in there, I’ll happily give everything a try. I’m very excited about doing my first full-length steampunk-inspired novel later this year. And I’m looking forward to a new story called A Sweet East Wind, which I’m vaguely calling a fantasy/drama, but it will really be taking me into some new territory genre-wise. Who knows where that one is going to lead me?

Could you live without coffee?

Definitely – I love the smell of coffee, but I’ve never been one for actually drinking it. I think I’d have a bit more trouble living without chocolate!

Tell us one of your favorite jokes

I can’t really think of any… Can Monty Python sketches in general count?

What’s your favorite thing about the writing process?

Seeing the story come alive around me. I love the feeling of being completely transported to another world, and becoming immersed in everything to do with it. When I look up from my computer and can see it all as clear as day, it brings such a huge smile to my face.

Three facts about you

  1. I collect old books – my oldest one, The Works of Alexander Pope Esq., is 250 years old.
  2. I’ve worked with over 80 species of animals, including black rhinos, ring-tailed lemurs, and grey seals. And I love them all!
  3. I can sing Let it Go from Frozen in Greek. Yes, I love the song that much!

What was your favorite snack growing up?

Chocolate! Especially Kinder Eggs and Terry’s chocolate oranges – they are still a Christmas treat for me!

Pick one book that is your all-time favorite?

As always – The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver. I can’t pick a single book out of all of them, so I’ll just say the series in general. It’s a brilliant mix of fantasy, prehistory, animals, adventure, friendship, and coming of age. I’m a bit desperate to see it made into a film – it would be so easy to mess up in movie-form, but if it’s done right, I think it would be amazing!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Again, it depends! I suppose I can come across as a bit introverted, but I do love having a laugh. Once I get to know someone, I completely let loose with my craziness and then it can be difficult to get a word in edgeways!


Muppet -

Animal! He always makes me burst out laughing!

Cartoon growing up-

The Raggy Dolls all the way! For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it was a British series set in a toy factory, where any toys that aren’t perfect off the machines are tossed into the reject bin, and they go on all sorts of adventures. I loved how it had a message that it’s okay to be different and that not fitting in with the crowd doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


Pretty much all shades of blue, but I also love black and purple. Sometimes I have streaks dyed into my hair, and they are always a kind of violet colour.

Type of Monster-

Dragons! And also vampires, phoenixes, mermaids, faeries… they can sometimes be quite monstrous!

Do you speed when you drive?

I don’t drive, so no! But I cycle, and I like going fast on my bike if there’s a nice long stretch where I can pick up some speed!

Spaghetti or Lasagna and why?

I do like lasagna, but I don’t think I have much of a taste for it yet because I only started eating it a few months ago. So I’ll pick spaghetti, because you can have that with loads of stuff. I really like pasta in general.

Your thoughts on Self Publishing

I don’t think it’s necessarily any harder to get published traditionally since the rise of the Kindle, but self-publishing and indie publishing really does open up avenues when so many doors may have been slammed in your face. Of course, it has its pros and cons just like everything, but it’s definitely a good route to consider. Some pretty incredible stories and authors are indies, so don’t turn a blind eye just because a book might not have a well-known publisher’s logo on the spine!

Your thoughts on Zombies

I have a black belt, a bow, and a Swiss army knife – bring on the apocalypse!

Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?

Of course! I believe in faeries as well, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Are you a tweeter, a re-tweeter, or you couldn’t care less about Twitter?

I tend to tweet a few times every day, and re-tweet if I see something I find inspirational or which makes me laugh (I think most of my re-tweets are actually weird and wonderful facts from the QI Elves!). It’s only relatively recently that I’ve been this active on Twitter, but I do really enjoy interacting with people there and having a chat when I can!

Would you rather sit on a porch with sweet tea {insert other beverage if tea isn’t your thing} or go hiking with a bottle of water and a smile?

It depends – I go to the Lake District whenever I can and I love trekking through the forests and up the mountains. The last time I was there, I climbed Lord’s Seat, and saw across the Solway Firth to Scotland. But I also won’t say no to curling up with a book, my cat, and a glass of fruit juice!

Your favorite type of music

All types of rock, but I listen to a lot of different types of music. The only stuff I don’t like is rap and blues – pretty much everything else is cool!

Your favorite color of Skittle


Your favorite memory

The Greek Islands. Some of my earliest memories are of Corfu and Zakynthos. We’ve been to Greece quite a few times as a family and I never get tired of going back. It’s still one of my favourite places in the world; I’d happily visit every single summer if I could! I’ve had five birthdays there, and on each one I’ve done something incredible – including walking across the crater of an active volcano!

Your favorite quote

“If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don’t remove it. I may be writing in my dreams.”

Your favorite way to spend an evening

Evening is my favourite time of day, but I’m a total night owl, so it’s usually my busiest! If I’m not doing work on university projects or promoting my books, I’ll be writing, drawing, reading, or making some kind of craft. But when it’s really time to kick back and relax, I love lighting some scented candles in my room and cuddling up with my cat.

Tell us what you are working on now!

I’m taking a little hiatus from full-out writing for the next couple of months, so I can concentrate on completing my Masters degree. But in the autumn I’m jumping back in with a steampunk story called Run Like Clockwork. I don’t feel bad about a having a break though, because I’ve already written two novels this year, and two last year – and as soon as my university work is over, I’ll be very busy with the next ones!

Anything you would like to say to the aspiring authors reading this blog?

One word: believe. I think that in itself encompasses so much about the entire process of being an author. Believe in everything. Convince yourself that the story is real, and then it will become real. Never lose faith in waiting for an idea – you have to shift through a lot of dirt to find gold! But, most importantly, believe in yourself. This is a long and arduous road; each story will have different quirks and demands; and in the face of creating them, it’s so easy to doubt yourself and your abilities. But never give in, keep writing, practicing and honing your craft. And don’t be afraid to have faith in yourself!



E. C. Hibbs has lived all her life in Cheshire, north-west England. A lover of stories from an early age, she wrote her first ‘book’ when she was five, and throughout school was a frequent visitor to the younger classes to read her tales to the children.

Living so near the coast, she loves anything to do with the sea. She studied Animal Behaviour at university and longs to work with marine mammals in the future. As well as nature and animals, she also has a soft spot for history, and loves paying visits to castles, cathedrals and museums.

There are many things she could be without, but writing isn’t one of them. She carries a pen everywhere, in case an idea appears, and takes pride in still seeing the world as brimming with magic. Besides writing, she reads obsessively, her favourite genres being the classics and all kinds of fantasy. She also enjoys Disney and horror films, practicing Shotokan karate, drawing, archery, and playing with her very cheeky kitten.







Blindsighted Wanderer book trailer:

Tragic Silence book trailer:

Review of Breaking Free- Brandy Rivers

They say that dreams can come true, but as a Dreamwalker, Devlin had yet to experience anything but nightmares. Then again, the druid had been held by sadistic vampires and dark mages for twenty years, forced to do their bidding. Newly escaped, he stumbles upon a dreamrealm where he can’t resist a little werewolf.

Jamie just wants someone to call her own. She feels like she’s been waiting for an awfully long time, when a man who teases her memory begins to visit her while she’s dreaming. From the moment she feels his turmoil, she’s drawn in, wanting nothing more than to heal his broken soul.

Before Devlin can decide what to do, he has to make a trip to Edenton. His first goal is to make sure someone who can’t remember him is safe and happy. The little werewolf of his dreams happens to live there, and she’s even more irresistible in real life.

When you’ve been taught all your life to run, what will make you change? Can Jamie convince her mate to stay and fight? Will he risk everything to have what he needs? Or run to save them all?


Breaking Free captured me with Devlin’s dark past and Jamie’s need for him to stay with her. Brandy River’s characters are intriguing on their own and the community she created is even better. Breaking Free is a great story that has it all; love, hatred, battle, and the struggle of acceptance for who you truly are. I enjoyed reading Breaking Free. It wasn’t until after I read Breaking Free that I realized there are three other books before it. As a result of this, I felt lost at times but Rivers did a good job of explaining some of the backgrounds of her characters which helped me move past my confusion. I think that if I go back and read the other three books, I will enjoy Breaking Free even more.


Dead of Night – Cover Reveal! Carlyle Labuschagne

Title: Dead of Night
Author: Carlyle Labuschagne

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Romance
Expected Release Date: October 2014

Publisher: Hallowed Ink Press

In a dark and desolated After Earth, love still does exist, but the cost of bearing such a flaw is death.



World War III has left Earth in utter turmoil. People’s beliefs are said to be the cause of the worldwide destruction. After The Clearing new laws are set about – to show certitude in anything besides the law is weak and chargeable as mutiny. To be illogical and have faith in religion is illegal, to be limitless is dangerous. And Illness is seen as a defect – all flaws that are inexcusable.


But to love is the greatest betrayal of all mankind. It is a fault the world has long forgotten and punishable by death, a fatal risk Aecker and Opel are fully prepared to take – because in love there is freedom. But how far can they push back before it claims their lives and of those they care about?

Carlyle Labuschagne is a South African award winning author working her way into the hearts of international readers with her first two books in the Broken Trilogy. Her first young adult dystopian novel “The Broken Destiny” reached top 3 in its YA debut Category. The Sequel Evanescent won YATR literary award for best Sci-Fi book 2013. 

Her become a published author prgramme for students launched Feb 2014. 
She is not only an author, but works as a marketing manager by day. She holds a diploma in creative writing through the writing school at College SA. 
Carlyle loves to swim, fights for the trees, and is a food lover who is driven by her passion for life. Carlyle also writes for IU e-magazine India, an inspirational non-profit magazine that aims at inspiring the world through words. The drive behind her author career is healing through words. Carlyle is also the founder of the first annual book drive – Help Build A Library in Africa Project. And hopes to launch her very own Indie book festival in Johannesburg March 2015.
“My goal as an author is to touch people’s lives, and help others love their differences and one another.”
Author Links:
Goodreads * Amazon * Twitter * Web * Blog

Goodreads * Facebook * Web * Twitter

Spotlight on Natural Selection by Amanda Lance

Title: Natural Selection
Amanda Lance

Pub-Date: May 13th 2014 by Limitless Publishing



To ensure she would have the life she deserved, Kasper Zafar ended his relationship with the beautiful Emilia Ward, sentencing both of them to a broken heart and lonely life.

But haunted by the memories of the foolish girl who stole his heart, Kasper has determined himself to win her back—or kill himself trying.

It’s been a year since Emilia Ward left Iram manor, and when Kasper comes back into her life the walls she has constructed around her heart threaten to come down.

And she might need him more than she wants to admit. Yet as badly as she wants him back, she won’t let him get away with hurting her so easily. Kasper needs to learn his lesson, and Emilia thinks she’s just the one to teach it to him.

However, just as they renew their sensual affair, Kasper’s elusive past comes back to jeopardize their happiness.

If he’s not careful, he may just die fighting for her after all…


Author Bio:

A native of New Jersey and lifelong nerd, Amanda Lance recently completed her Master in Liberal Arts at Thomas Edison State College after her BA in English Literature and AFA in creative writing. As an avid reader of all genres, some of her favorite authors include Hemingway, Marquis de Sade, Stevenson, Bukowski and Radcliffe.

When she isn’t writing or reading, Amanda can found indulging in film noir or hiking with her other half and their extremely spoiled dog. She is obsessively working on her next book and trying to tame her caffeine addiction.


Author Links:


Twitter: @alance07





Interview with the Talented Michelle Kilmer!!


Michelle Kilmer is a zombie and horror enthusiast. When she is not writing, she is the co-owner/designer for KILMERHANSEN, a business branding and web design company. Her hobbies include hiking and camping, playing guitar, sewing, dressing up in “full gore” to attend zombie-related events, writing and gaming.

She self-published her first novel When the Dead in late 2012. In April of 2013 she self-published a short story collection entitled The Spread with her twin sister as co-author. She also has short stories published in the anthology Roms, Bombs & Zoms from Evil Girlfriend Media and the 2014 Crypticon De-Compositions anthology from Blysster Press.

Michelle lives in a secured-access building that is uncomfortably close to a cemetery, two hospitals and a police station. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, it’s a terrible defense location. She daydreams about owning a Pomeranian to forget this reality.

After many adventures, she currently lives in Seattle, WA with her husband, a machete and a fear of the dark.


When the Dead on Amazon:

The Spread on Amazon:



Twitter: @whenthedead

Goodreads Author Profile:

Amazon Author Profile:





Have you ever wondered what might happen if a group of survivors decided to stay put? To never leave the safety of home to search for salvation? When the Dead . . . provides one scenario to answer the question. In a world where neighbors are strangers and we live behind locked doors, the living dead can really bring issues to a head. There is no way out for the residents of Willow Brook Apartments. Outside a plague is spreading while behind the walls, neighbors are forced to become friends . . . or enemies. When the Dead . . . will introduce you to a doomed family, a dying child, an egomaniac, a murderer, and other undesirables (including the undead!!) in three floors of secured-access chaos.



You don’t know when it will change your life, or how, but the zombie plague is spreading quickly and in ways that no one could have imagined. In Part I, an independently-hired researcher watches a mysterious plague decimate an island and takes notes with a gun-toting guard at his side. but the brisk waters of the Puget Sound can’t keep it from spreading to the mainland. In Part II, follow the infection from chapter to chapter and person to person. A frightened neighborhood cat, a harmless fishing trip, a room full of infected preschoolers. perhaps someone will deliver it right to your front door. How kind. Featuring short stories that showcase the many ways in which a disease can overwhelm a city, The Spread will get you thinking of how mundane acts can become deadly. No matter your precautions, the spread will reach you. Of that you can be sure.




Tell us about any WIPs you have

I am working on a young adult zombie novel, a writing collection, and two anthology submissions. One is about wizards and the other is about disasters. Plus other stuff that I shouldn’t talk about because I have no time to work on any of it right now! I also have two pieces out for submission calls. Cross your fingers!

How many people ask you to read their books?

I get asked to read short stories mostly (and that isn’t too often) and I feel the need to read my writer friends’ books. Some of them have read my work and left reviews. I want to return the favor! In all honesty I don’t have a lot of time to read currently. I write too much.

In a word sum up your writing style


Do you have a character you enjoyed writing the most?

Tom Vaughn in When the Dead. He is my angry, asshole inner voice. He does and says the bad things I would never do. I live vicariously through him.

Is there a genre you would like to try?

Sci-Fi! I started something in that genre a long time ago that I should probably revisit. Maybe I’ll actually finish it!

Could you live without coffee?

No, nope, couldn’t imagine the consequences.

Tell us one of your favorite jokes

I have a poor memory for jokes.  There’s this one about an interrupting cow- MOOOOOOOOOOO!


What’s your favorite thing about the writing process?

Designing book covers, oh wait, um, my fav part of the writing process is finding and filling plot holes, not to be confused with potholes, but those should be filled too.

Three facts about you

1. People think I am Canadian.

2. I had to get 15 stitches in my forehead when I was a kid. I tripped on a top stair and fell into a bumpy wall. Now I have a scar that runs down the middle of my forehead.

3. I still have night frights where I wake up screaming bloody murder and think someone is in the room. Maybe because of the head injury when I was young? ;)

Do you believe in UFOs?

I believe there are things out there that fly and that the general public doesn’t know about.

Would you rather have fame or fortune?

Fortune. I don’t care if people know me, but it would be great to get a better car, own a small house, and take a longer vacation someday. Fame without fortune doesn’t pay the bills.

Pick one book that is your all-time favorite?

Infected by Scott Sigler or anything by Natsuo Kirino.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I like to think I am a very happy medium.



Cartoon growing up - Ren and Stimpy

Color - Black

Type of Monster - Zombie

Do you speed when you drive? – Only five mph over

Spaghetti or Lasagna and why? – Spaghetti. Easier to make.


Your thoughts on Self Publishing

I’ve had an amazing experience self-publishing and I recommend it to those who feel like they have the money and time to promote themselves. :) There is a ton of work involved and you have to be honest with yourself about your skills. Can you design and format? No? Hire someone. Can your cousin edit well? No? Spend the money to hire someone. You’ll have to put some money out to have a product worth seeing and to get that product seen.

Your thoughts on Zombies

Read my books and you’ll find out!

Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?

I don’t think so

Are you a tweeter, a re-tweeter, or you couldn’t care less about Twitter?

I only occasionally make an appearance on Twitter. Find me on Facebook.

Would you rather sit on a porch with sweet tea {insert other beverage if tea isn’t your thing} or go hiking with a bottle of water and a smile?


Your favorite color of Skittle

They have flavors? I just shove handfuls into my mouth.

Your favorite memory

Hiking on Lopez Island with my husband

Your favorite quote

“You’re all going to die down here.” – Red Queen (Resident Evil)

Your favorite way to spend an evening

Eating a nice dinner with my husband, drinking tea, and writing.

Tell us what you are working on now!

I am working on a young adult zombie novel, a writing collection, and two anthology submissions. One is about wizards and the other is about disasters.

Anything you would like to say to the aspiring authors reading this blog?

Write your ideas down even if you don’t think they’ll become anything more than a scribble. Write, write, write. Keep a notebook and pen near you always. Be willing to talk to others about your work and accept feedback gracefully. And read others’ work. You’ll learn and grow more from reading the competition than sitting around wishing or trying to be them.

Adam Gaffen Interviews His Characters!

*INTERVIEW BEGINS* Hello and welcome back!

We have a special treat for you today. By special arrangement with the Time Corps, we have managed to secure an interview with Kendra Foster-Briggs and Aiyana Cassidy -

[Aiyana interrupts] That’s Aiyana Cassidy Foster-Briggs, and Kendra Foster-Briggs Cassidy. We exchanged surnames at our wedding. YOU of all people -

Yes, well, for convenience – never mind. Okay, Aiyana, let’s start this off with a simple question. What is quantum teleportation?

AC: [laughs] Simple, eh? You do have a gift for understatement!

TK: It is the root of the entire saga, though, isn’t it?

AC: I suppose it is. Okay. Simple version. [looks thoughtful] Damn. Simple question, ha! Did you know that the penalty for violation of of Time Corps policies? They STRAND YOU in that time period! Now, that would be fine for Kendra, but -

KFB: Oh hells yes! Girl, this is AMAZING! I love the early 21st century – such a vibrant time!

AC: It is certainly, um, active.

KFB: Did you know I can get a brand new – BRAND NEW! – Veyron here and now?

AC: And how do you think you’ll get it back?

KFB: You’re the physicist! [pokes Cass]

TK: Okay, okay, maybe a relationship question then while Aiyana thinks. How did you two meet?

KFB: How does anyone meet? It was school. I sat next to her for, what, four years?

AC: [distracted] Thereabouts.

KFB: Ah, she’s thinking. Anyhow. Yeah, we were inseparable.My family life wasn’t the greatest, you know? So I spent lots of time at Cass’ place. Her folks were good to me, really understanding.

TK: So you were sweethearts then?

KFB: Oh no! [giggles] I had the biggest crush on – well, I guess it doesn’t matter now who. But he was just the sexiest man I could imagine. [shakes head] No, we weren’t an item or anything. A few dates, you know, when we were between boyfriends. Nothing serious, though.

TK: Oh.

AC: Simply put, quantum teleportation is a way to get the exact information about atoms from point A to point B by precisely scanning and measuring their state.

TK: Um, what?

AC: [sighs] If you are able to get a precise enough reading of the state of an atom or atoms, then that information can be transmitted to another location.

TK: But that’s information, not atoms, isn’t it? And how precise is precise?

AC: That’s the issue, right. It has to be incredibly precise for the system to work.

KFB: That’s her genius, though, she figured out that she could use some of the equipment at her former employer – do I have to say the name?

TK: I will. Heavy Lift Corporation, and they were in the business of putting satellites and other stuff into orbit.

KFB: Them. So Cass took – what was it?

AC: A gas-ion krypton laser.

KFB: Right, that. And she did something clever to it and made it focus tightly enough to get the level of detail needed to replicate living beings.

AC: Theoretically!

KFB: I really hate it when you use that word. Besides, it worked, didn’t it?

TK: Whoa, wait – what do you mean, it worked?

[Cass and Ken exchange a look]

AC: We haven’t gotten that far yet, have we?

KFB: Not yet, no. Damn, Spoilers. Forget we said that, okay?

TK: I can try – but teleportation!

AC: The biggest problem is that when you do a quantum scan of an object, you annihilate the object. So if you miss data -

KFB: The frog ends up missing legs.

TK: Frog?

KFB: Read your book. It’s in there.

TK: [totally confused] Riiight. Okay, then. We’re almost out of time – what’s next for Cass and Ken?

AC: What did Ken say? Spoilers? We can’t TELL you!

TK: So where can people in this time read about you?

KFB: The first two installments are out now, you can get them electronically for a device called the, what, was it, sparker? Igniter?

AC: Kindle!

KFB: Kindle, yeah! They’re called Run Like Hell and A Deadly Quest.

AC: Don’t forget the print versions!

KFB: Yeah, imagine that – an old-fashioned, printed book! Anyways, those are available too, through either, um, help me out Cass?

AC: Amazon and Createspace.

KFB: Right. Them. And you’ve gotten our notes, right? The third volume?

TK: Yes, I have, I’m working on it.

KFB: You’d best get moving. What are you going to call it?

TK: Right now? A Desperate Gambit.

AC: [considering] Not bad.

TK: Well – thank you both for coming by. I know it wasn’t easy to arrange. Maybe we can do it again sometime?

KFB: Only if you promise to take us to Vegas!

Tune in again soon – and don’t forget, Run Like Hell and A Deadly Quest are both available for Kindle and in trade paperback from Amazon!

Adam Gaffen’s The Kildaran (And Others)

This began as an exercise in fandom, with the creation of The Kildaran, based on John Ringo’s Paladin of Shadows series. Since its inception, though, we have broadened our horizons and added more and more content – so take a look! There’s something here you just might like!

Interview with Lissette Manning and Giveaway!

The Interview


What inspired your new release?
My current release, In Mercy’s Hands, was inspired by something a very good friend of mine said to me. All it took was a few words, and I had the story brewing in my head. Granted, I was writing a story that was out of my element, but I welcomed the change.
I’d never written BDSM Erotica before. I confess I was a little scared, and I kept thinking people wouldn’t like it, but the feedback on it has been great. Getting people to post up their reviews has been trying, but it’s nice to know that people like the book, nonetheless.
Tell us about any WIPs you have.

I’m currently working on an erotic romance novel called, Forbidden Desires. It’s about a librarian who gets more than she bargained for when she wins a contest to spend a week or so with her favorite actor. Natalea’s headstrong and knows what she wants in life, but Brody Michaels changes her entire world from the moment they meet.
I also have the second and third books, Protected Secrets and Hidden Secrets, in The Child of Calamity series coming soon. Book two takes off from Hades’ perspective, and delves more into the secrets of the child. Book 3 is Apollo’s story where he deals with Artemis and the consequences of his actions and those around him when it comes to the prophecy itself.
I also have a slew of other WIP’s that I’m working, but it would take forever to mention them.

How many people ask you to read their books?

A lot, actually. I get quite a bit of requests from people to read their books via Facebook, Goodreads, and email. So much so, that I’m backed up quite a bit, but doing my best to get to them all soon enough.
In a word sum up your writing style.
Hmmm . . . this definitely takes some thinking about.
I’d say my writing style is eclectic. Depending on the mood, I flit back and forth between writing in first or third person point-of-view. I also do my best to not use that many dialogue tags while providing enough description to help readers envision the worlds/stories I create. I want to move the reader with my words, to give them a sense of what’s going while immersing them in the stories I have to tell.
Do you have a character you enjoyed writing the most?
Yes, I do. Ben Morgan from my Closure series. I modeled the character after the real-life actor, Ben Barnes. What can I say? The man is gorgeous!
Is there a genre you would like to try?
I’m actually open to trying any and all genres. I recently dove into tackling Horror stories as well as Zombie/Paranormals.
Could you live without coffee?
Ironically, yes. I’m more of a tea person, though I don’t drink that much of it every day. Coffee-wise, I tend to drink when I’m actually craving it.
Tell us one of your favorite jokes.
Hehe. Most of the ones I know were taught to me by my brothers. They’re naughty, and can’t be mentioned. ::winks::

What’s your favorite thing about the writing process?
My favorite thing about writing . . . I think it’s the fact that we can draw on someone’s emotions in a story with just one word or phrase. It’s nice to see people take interest in what we authors do, to see them immerse themselves in the worlds we create. I also enjoy letting my characters take control on occasion to see where it is that they can take me.

Three facts about you:
Let’s see . . .
1. I’m an avid gamer. Video games are one of my passions in addition to my writing. I play Final Fantasy XI/XIV often, as well as World of Warcraft on occasion.
2. My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. Yep, I said. ::grins::
3. I’m also an editor, a fashion designer, and occasional crafter.
Do you believe in UFOs?
Yes, I do. I think extraterrestrials do exist, and are most likely living amongst us.
What was your favorite snack growing up?
Frito Lays and Doritos chips, plus a candy called, Boston Baked Beans.
Would you rather have fame or fortune?
Most would pick both. Fame is tempting, but it has its drawbacks. Fortune . . . well, all I really want is a stable means to provide for my family, which doesn’t really equate to being rich. I’m content with the simplicities of life. My dream is for people to enjoy the stories I write as time goes by.
Pick one book that is your all-time favorite?
Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon. Sadly, she hasn’t written anything new in years, but this book was one of the first books that drew me to the Science-Fiction/Fantasy genre.
Embarrassing guilty pleasure:
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I’m both, in all honesty.
Muppet: Kermit the Frog
Cartoon growing up: Voltron
Color: Black, Purple, and Blue
Type of Monster: Dragon
Do you speed when you drive? Sometimes, yes.
Spaghetti or Lasagna and why?
I like both, though I like Lasagna best, I think. Mostly because there are many ways to make it. Have you ever tried Chicken Alfredo Lasagna? YUM!
Your thoughts on Self Publishing:
I’m an Indie author, and have self-published most of my books. I started this journey back in May of 2011, and must say that this is the best decision I ever made. I always thought that traditional publishing was always the way to go, but I came across an article back then that spoke about Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Program.
I decided to work on getting my first book, Closure, prepared for release, and set about in researching everything I needed to know about making this venture legit. Back then, I didn’t know what I’d be getting myself into, but I wouldn’t change things for the world.
A lot of people think that if we self-publish, that it’s because we probably never got a chance with the Big 5/6. Self-publishers are viewed as the dregs of the writing world. We’re not. We choose to go this route because we have the chance to manage our books and everything they entail just the way we want them to. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but the sacrifice is worth it.

Your thoughts on Zombies:
Scary, but also intriguing. I wouldn’t want one for a pet, though.
Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?
Yes, I do. And faeries. I always fancied them as a kid.
Are you a tweeter, a re-tweeter, or you couldn’t care less about Twitter?
I’m a tweeter and re-tweeter. You can find me on Twitter via:
Would you rather sit on a porch with sweet tea {insert other beverage if tea isn’t your thing} or go hiking with a bottle of water and a smile?
I sit on the porch sipping tea quite regularly. Most especially when I like to write while watching folks and cars going by.

I’d love to go hiking some day. Communing with nature and seeing new things has always been a fancy of mine.
Your favorite type of music:
Freestyle music is a favorite genre of mine, as is Reggaeton. I mostly have eclectic music style, though, as I tend to listen to just about anything, sans Satanic music. I don’t like that, you know?
Your favorite color of Skittle:
Your favorite memory:
Climbing a tree with my brothers at Hammonasset Beach Park. We were being silly, and posing for pictures. I remember falling out of the tree minutes after Mom took a picture of us.

Your favorite quote:
It happens to be one I came up with years ago for a friend of mine. “Never live what you see. Never follow what you know.”
Your favorite way to spend an evening:
Reading a great book!
Tell us what you are working on now!
I’m currently in the process of getting Forbidden Desires properly edited for release. Protected Secrets will also follow soon enough.
I’m also writing a story called, Her Sister’s Keeper, a Horror story that I plan to publish under my real name of Nancy Medina.
Anything you would like to say to the aspiring authors reading this blog?
Don’t stop trying to make your dreams reality. There may be ups and downs along the way, but the struggle will be worth it. Never let others discourage you from writing what comes from deep within. Most always say to write what you know, which is definitely true, but you should also let your heart and mind guide you. Sometimes, the unexpected can be a great thing to happen.

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In Mercy’s Hands

By Lissette E. Manning


Genre: Erotic, Erotica, Romance


The fine line between pleasure and pain can sometimes be hard to distinguish.

Mercy Williams has never been one to shy away from what she wants, when she wants it. A casual comment from her beloved boyfriend spurs an idea she aims to make the most of. Granted, Devlin Harris isn’t quite thrilled with what she has planned for him. He’s not the type to indulge in such passing fancies. Not even hers.

Devlin, on the other hand, refuses to play her sordid games. It doesn’t matter that she’s planned to give him exactly what he needs. He’s never been one to drop his guard and let loose. Such a thing is understandable, since he’s been known to keep to himself whenever possible. Never-the-less, Mercy hopes to wrap him around her little finger once everything is said and done.

Determined in showing him what he’s been missing, Mercy sets out to teach Devlin a lesson he’ll never forget. A night full of twisted fantasies and sublime pleasure is just what he needs to finally enjoy what she has to offer. By the time she’s done with him, he’ll end up seeing her world in a different light. But first, she’ll need to persuade him to come around to her way of thinking by any means necessary.



Available for purchase via the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo.









Chapter 1: Anticipation



Mercy stood in the corner of the room, her face hidden by the shadows. Her eyes were riveted to the bed where her intended prey for the night lay on his back. Her body flared to life as her gaze took in the rippled abdomen and muscular thighs. His package was barely contained in a tight pair of black trunks.

He growled as he came to, struggling against the thick rope binding him to the bed. She smiled, proud of the fact that her father had taught her how to tie a knot. It would take him a good while to set himself free. That’s if he was good at untying army knots, of course.

“Mercy?” Devlin grated. “What did you do to me?”

Her smile broadened. “I tied ye up jus’ like ye wanted me to.”

He sputtered with disbelief. “What!? I was kidding!”

She grabbed the whip she’d left on the table nearby, and stepped out of the shadows. Her eyes followed Devlin’s movements as he continued to struggle. “Yer not gettin’ out of that, Love. Not unless I want ye to.”

His blue-green gaze narrowed as it fell on the whip she held casually between her hands. “What do you intend to do with that?”

She grinned. “I’m gonna teach ye a lesson, Baby. One ye ain’t never gonna forget!”

“With a whip? Are you crazy?”

She tapped the whip’s hilt against the palm of her hand. “By the time I’m done, Devlin, yoo’ll be beggin’ me for more.”

“Untie me.”

“Nope. Tonight, ye play by my rules.”

“Mercy, this isn’t funny. Let me go!”

Instead of answering, she unfurled the whip, and let it fly. Its tip gently connected with his crotch. He howled with rage, bucking up and down as he sought to get away from the sudden onslaught. She let the weapon loose once more, this time connecting with his left thigh. He looked past the pain, staring at his girlfriend with murderous intent.

“So help me, you’re going to pay for that!”

She smirked with amusement. “How?” she asked, softly whipping his right thigh. “Yer lyin’ on my bed, trussed up like one of my daddy’s chickens on Christmas day. Them knots ain’t gettin’ loose any time soon. Best lie back an’ enjoy the ride.”

“Enjoy this? Really?”

She feigned a pout. “Aww, Baby. Don’t be a sourpuss. I’m all dressed up nice an’ what not for ye. Why don’cha take a moment to appreciate that an’ more?” she prodded, and promptly lifted her arm to crack the whip in his direction once more.


About the Author:


Lissette E. Manning is an author from Connecticut. She has been writing since she was six-years-old, and spends most of her time trying to place her thoughts into order and giving life to the stories that are always brewing inside her head.

She enjoys reading books, listening to music, playing the occasional video game, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family. She’s also a bit of a computer geek.

Her writing genres of choice are Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Short Stories, as well as Poetry. She’s currently working on several projects due out sometime in the New Year, as well as finishing her NaNoWriMo project, The Corsicanth Princess.













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Book Trailer:


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Alice’s Insurrection – Release Day Blitz!

Title: Alice’s Insurrection (Alice Clark, 3)
Author: Andrea DiGiglio
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s Tours
(Third and final installment of the Alice Clark Series.) Alice returns home in ruins but remains the strongest one of her Fallen family. With Cole at her side, they prepare for one final battle as the world they live in begins to crumble. As her abilities grow, determined to save the Fallen, Nephilim and all of mankind. Alice stands against God, Rogziel and all those who dare to hurt her family. To save everyone she must decide to choose to fulfill a destiny set in motion many years ago. Even if it kills her.
Born and raised in Michigan, Andrea has always been a writer at heart. She currently resides in Michigan with her son, “her world”. Over the last decade she has written, starred and directed in many screenplays. In the last few years she decided to return to writing novels and hasn’t looked back since, giving her work my full attention. “I am very excited to share the worlds I create, with all of you dreamers.”

Double Cover Reveal for D.T. Dyllin!


Title: E-Day
Author: D.T. Dyllin
Series: M-Day #2
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Publisher: Tik Tok Press
Cover artist: Lindsay Tiry 
Expected Release Date: August 2014
Synopsis: M-Day was the dawn of a brand new harsher world. A world where old lives could be left behind and secrets buried for good. At least that’s exactly what Tammie Miles had planned. But even with her new identity as Evo, she discovers that your past is never far. When a man from her old life tracks her down, will she risk everything to keep her secrets? Or will she finally learn that maybe even she can love the right man?
Title: AleXXXa
Author: D.T. Dyllin
Series: Standalone
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Tik Tok Press
Cover artist:
Expected Release Date: August 2014
Synopsis: Love and sex, sex and love… Can you have one without the other? As a world famous porn star, Alexa James thinks she has everything all figured out. But what happens when someone who gets paid to have sex has an existential crisis? Suddenly sex isn’t enough, and love seems out of reach. Will Alexa’s career choice permanently crush her spirit? Or will she discover that real love is about more than just the physical?
About the Author

D.T. Dyllin is a Bestselling Romance Author who writes in both New Adult and Adult genres. She is a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) and also her local chapter, the MCRW (Music City Romance Writers).

D.T. was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Black & Gold for life, baby!) She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two spoiled GSDs.

Website / Twitter / Goodreads

WordPress HTML


e-day_frontcover_dtdyllinfinalTitle: E-Day
Author: D.T. Dyllin
Series: M-Day #2
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Publisher: Tik Tok Press
Cover artist:
Expected Release Date: August 2014

Add-to-Goodreads-buttonSynopsis: M-Day was the dawn of a brand new harsher world. A world where old lives could be left behind and secrets buried for good. At least that’s exactly what Tammie Miles had planned. But even with her new identity as Evo, she discovers that your past is never far. When a man from her old life tracks her down, will she risk everything to keep her secrets? Or will she finally learn that maybe even she can love the right man?

alexxxacoverfront_dtdyllinfinal Title: AleXXXa
Author: D.T. Dyllin
Series: Standalone
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Tik Tok Press
Cover artist:
Expected Release Date: August 2014

Synopsis: Love and sex, sex and love… Can you have one without the other? As a world famous porn star, Alexa James thinks she has everything all figured out. But what happens when someone who gets paid to have sex has an existential crisis? Suddenly sex isn’t enough, and love seems out of reach. Will Alexa’s career choice permanently crush her spirit? Or will she discover that real love is about more than just the physical?

About the Author

D.T. Dyllin is a Bestselling Romance Author who writes in both New Adult and Adult genres. She is a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) and also her local chapter, the MCRW (Music City Romance Writers).

D.T. was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Black & Gold for life, baby!) She now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two spoiled GSDs.

Website / Twitter / Goodreads

Wicked Post for Very Wicked Things

Because Ilsa
Madden-Mills fell in love with her beautifully flawed characters in
Very Wicked Things, she penned Very Wicked Beginnings as a prequel
novella to the book, featuring the story of football star Cuba Hudson and
ballerina Dovey Beckham.

Since May is Mental
Health Awareness Month, all May proceeds from the sale of the novella will be
donated to
Keith Milano Memorial Fund which benefits the American Foundation for Suicide
Prevention (AFSP). 

Title: Very Wicked
Series: Briarcrest Academy #1.5, a prequel novella to Very Wicked Things
Release: May 13th
Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Cover: Photography by
Toski Covey
Graphics: Sommer
Stein at Perfect Pear Creative Covers
Model: Tanner Belcher


Girls say I’m a
walking, talking sex god. Guys call
me Hollywood because my life is golden.
It’s not.

But, ESPN did rank me
as a four star recruit, calling me one of the best defensive players since
Briarcrest Academy opened its esteemed doors. So yeah, with football and a
stellar GPA, my future seemed good.

Then Dovey Beckham
shows up in her short skirts and ballet shoes. Driving me insane. Making me
want to beg for her attention.

But that wouldn’t
happen, because Cuba Hudson didn’t beg for anything.

She walked around BA
like she owned the place, and most days she looked right through me…the one
girl I couldn’t have.

So, of course, I made
it my mission to claim her, to put her notch on my bedpost.
Because no girl can
resist the Heartbreaker of BA.

But I never planned
on destroying her.

I never planned on
wrecking the one thing that could save me.

Welcome to Briarcrest
Academy, where wicked love
begins…and ends.

Charity Information: 

The Keith
Milano Memorial Fund was established to help raise awareness about the
devastating and deadly disease that is mental illness. Keith’s spirit and
laughter is kept alive through our efforts to increase awareness about mental
illness and to raise money for education and imperative research. Keith often
struggled with society’s perception of mental illness.  Our hope is that
by having the strength to say that Keith was “Bipolar” we can strip away the
stigma and help others to be more open about their disease.
The Keith
Milano Memorial Fund benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

AFSP is the only national
not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and
preventing suicide through research and education, and to reaching out to
people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.

Add Very Wicked
Beginnings to your 

Very Wicked Things 
Academy #2):


Ballerina Dovey
Beckham is a scholarship student at Briarcrest Academy, determined to prove
she’s more than just a girl with the wrong pedigree. She does whatever it takes
to succeed in her endgame, even if it means surrendering her body but never her
Until the day she meets him, and he rips apart
all her well-laid plans. Suddenly, the girl everyone thought unbreakable might
just shatter.

Cuba “Hollywood” Hudson is rich, spoiled, and a
star football player. With his fast cars and superficial girlfriends, he lives
the high-life, hiding his secrets from the world.

Until the day he meets her, and she offers him
something he’s never tasted…love.

But once in a lifetime kind of love doesn’t come
easy…especially when dirty money, past sins, and old flames threaten the very
fabric of their lives.

Welcome to Briarcrest Academy, where sometimes,
nly the wicked survive.

for Very Wicked Things
#2 of the Briarcrest Academy Series
Ilsa Madden-Mills

I got out of the shower
and dressed hurriedly, anxious to get back to Cuba.
The door opened, and
like he did it every single day, he stepped inside the steamy bathroom.  
“Think I need a shower,
too,” he said, his fingers easing off his football practice shirt.
Trying to play it cool
and failing miserably, I moved my eyes off his naked chest and checked out his
track pants and the obvious bulge he sported.
Did his lower body match the rest of him? Was it all sinewy muscle and big?
Just, yeah. That
thought got stuck in my head and went round and round.
 “You staying?” he asked, a grin working his
face. Pleased at my open admiration, probably.
“No,” I said, but made
no move to go. ‘Cause I had no shame when it came to catching a glimpse of his
muscular body.
“Good,” he said, his
smile broadening.
He pivoted to turn on
the shower, and my eyes betrayed me again, admiring the muscles in his back,
checking out how they twitched and rippled when he moved. Football and rowing
had been good to him. My fingers itched to know how they’d feel underneath my
hands. Which was stupid because we had nothing in common. Not a rich Highland
Park boy and a poor girl from Ratcliffe.
And most importantly,
he was a player, not to be trusted.
He hooked his thumbs
into his pants, paused a moment—maybe waiting to see if I’d run from the room?—but
when I didn’t budge, he slid them and his underwear off. My mouth opened. Cuba
Hudson, the most popular guy at Briarcrest was standing right in front of me,
naked and beautiful. And like the cocky bastard he was, he posed for me, his big-ass
biceps and chiseled abs making me vibrate all over. Need for him slammed into
I say he was hot?
Well, I was wrong.
He was off-the-charts,
no-holds-barred, freaking going make-me-lose-my-mind-right-there delicious. The
ultimate man-candy, the kind I knew to stay away from, yet here I was, ogling
“Still leaving?” he
asked huskily.
“Any minute,” I said in
a weak voice, backing up to the wall and propping myself up. “Just chillin’.
Shower wore me out. I might need to hold this wall up for a sec.”
“I want you to stay,”
he said, eyes at half-mast, glowing with heat.
“Why?” I said, aching
to touch him. But that was crazy. I was a virgin, and I didn’t know jack about
touching a guy’s you-know-what.
“Look at me, Dovey.”
I tore my eyes from his
manhood, blushing.
His eyes burned. “There’s
a sense of urgency in my head. Like our time is limited.”
I nodded. Yeah, same
“And, I’ll be honest, I
don’t want to rush you, but I’m dying to sink into you. I want to set you on
fire with need for me.” He ghosted his hands over the steel rod between his
legs. Once, twice, and—holy shizzle, he didn’t stop.
My chest rose faster
and faster, and I tried to chill-out, but I couldn’t.
He lowered his voice. “Kiss
me again, Dovey.”
Oh. “That’s a terrible
idea, Cuba. Cause you’re naked, and I’m turned on because you’re naked. And
you’re touching yourself. And you’re
.” I sucked in a sharp breath. “Not a good combo. Odds are we’ll end
up in that shower together or back in your bed doing the double-backed monster.”
“Then join me in the
shower. I’ll be good. For you.” He arched his back, his hands still doing that
back and forth that was driving me insane.
liar, pants on fire
, I thought. No way he would he be good.
Because he was the Heartbreaker
of Briarcrest Academy. And one wicked boy.

Very Wicked Things to your Goodreads:

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It’s on sale for $.99!!




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Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha
males that 
sometimes you just want to slap. She spends her days with two small
kids, a neurotic cat, and her Viking husband. She collects magnets and rarely
cooks except to bake her own pretzels. When
she’s not typing away at a story, you can find her drinking too much Diet Coke,
jamming out to Pink, or checking on her carefully maintained chocolate stash.
She loves to hear from fans and
fellow authors.

Wicked Things USA Today Book Trailer



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