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Interview with Monique O’Connor James

Monique O’Connor James



Tell us a little about Black Water Bayou – Black Water Bayou is the story about a girl whose sister is afflicted by demons.  The church is unable to help, but a priest introduces her to a guy who has the ability to remove evil from the possessed.  Their story leads them to a bayou that ties both of their lives to horror that began during the civil war. 



What inspired The Keepers? My mother died of breast cancer in 1998.  Even though The Keepers is paranormal some of the story is very autobiographical.  Of course, it has been embellished, but the pain that Jess, the main character, feels over the loss of her mother is quite real.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Louisiana?  What don’t I love about Louisiana?  I love our people, heritage, and beauty.  There is so much about Louisiana that is unique to the state.  Our holidays, food, music, language, wildlife—it all lends itself to being a wonderful place to live.

Did you major in English in college? No, I actually majored in marketing.  I’d love to go back and get a degree in English :)

Anything you would like to plug for yourself or a fellow author?  Carly Anne Wallace and I just started our own publishing company called Bayou Brew Publishing.  We will start slow, but look forward to having a wonderful relationship with our authors.  I would really like, sometime in the future, to reach out to tweens and teens that write and help them get started.

Do you have a character you enjoyed writing the most?  For whatever reason, I seem to be very attached to a character named Matt, in Jamais Vu and Déjà vu.  He really resonated with me, however, I fall in love with which every characters I’m currently writing. 

Is there a genre you would like to try?  I recently wrote a short story called Musical Scares.  It was horror/thriller.  Even though I write paranormal and urban fantasy, it was a bit of a stretch for me, because I wanted it to be scary but not gory.  I really enjoyed it!

Could you live without coffee?  Yes!  I don’t drink coffee!  (I know, I know) but I can’t live without Coke!

Tell us one of your favorite jokes – Oh I’m horrible at jokes!  I can’t ever remember the punch line!  I’m more entertaining at telling stories about things that happen to me in real life!

What’s your favorite thing about the writing process?  I love it all.  I, of course, love the actual writing part, but I used to hate editing.  Now, I find the editing process almost as cathartic as the writing itself. 

Three facts about you – I married my high school sweetheart – I’m extremely clumsy – I love dude movies – Action/thriller.

Do you believe in UFOs?  Yes!

What was your favorite snack growing up?  Laffy Taffy

Would you rather have fame or fortune?  That’s hard.  I don’t really want fame if it means being in the spot light, but I’d like my books to be known.  Who doesn’t want fortune?  I’ve lived with money and without and trust me, it’s better to have than have not!

Pick one book that is your all-time favorite?  Interview with a Vampire

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Here’s the thing, people think I’m very extroverted, because I can be outspoken, but there is a part of me that is terrified of strangers. 


Muppet -  Animal!

Color-  Purple

Type of Monster-  Vampire

Do you speed when you drive?  UH…yes.

Spaghetti or Lasagna and why?  Spaghetti


Your thoughts on Self-Publishing – I think that every author has to choose the road that is best and most comfortable for them.  I’ve been published by a small press and self-published.  I wouldn’t trade my experience with the small press for anything, yet I love the creative freedom I have from self-publishing.

Your thoughts on Zombies – I’m well armed—let’s just say that.

Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?  I’d like to…yes.  I’m not one of those people who has to see to believe.  I’m more of the—it could happen—prove to me that it didn’t type.

Are you a tweeter, a re-tweeter, or you couldn’t care less about Twitter?  I try to tweet…but I’m not very committed.

Would you rather sit on a porch with sweet tea {insert other beverage if tea isn’t your thing} or go hiking with a bottle of water and a smile? Porch and tea!!

Your favorite type of music – Alternative Rock

Your favorite color of Skittle  – Red

Your favorite way to spend an evening – hanging out with my hubby and kids.

Tell us what you are working on now!  Well, as you know, I just finished up Black Water Bayou.  I’m also working on a novel I wrote several years ago –The Awakening—which I will change the name before it’s published.  I have three new novels started and am working on some projects for the publishing company!!!

Anything you would like to say to the aspiring authors reading this blog?  WRITE!  Never give up.  People will try to squash your dream.  Especially, those people who don’t have dreams.  Find another author who is willing to be constructively critical of your work and soak any everything you can learn from them.

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