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Review of Where There’s Smoke- Sarahbeth Caplin

Pastor Henry Collins is hailed as a hero after rescuing a teenage girl from a burning church. But the real reason he was at the right place at the right time is known only to him and Hannah Mercer, the teenage girl he rescued: a girl whose faith has more to do with keeping up appearances than anything to do with God.

Lia Anders is a classmate of Hannah’s: a girl whose coming out as a lesbian resulted in immediate expulsion from the church. As an unlikely friendship develops between the two, Hannah begins to realize the error of her hypocritical ways, and encourages Henry to make a decision that will forever alter the course of their lives. But for Henry, the price of living a lie is easier than owning up to the truth.

Where There’s Smoke is a story that asks: who are we really? Are we the sum of all our actions? And is the note we finish our lives on the most defining of them all?


My Review

Where There’s Smoke is a story of a community of people that might not be all they say they are. When a chain of events starts to unmask all the people of this group, the unexpected happens. Caplin is a strong writer with a great vision for her characters. Where There’s Smoke is a story full of people hiding behind masks and unforeseen twists that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Where There’s Smoke starts off very strong and I can see how this story has great potential. I felt like it kind of left me hanging a bit. I would love to read more of the story and see where this chain of events takes this group of individuals. I did however, enjoy the writing.


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