Summer of Zombie – Guest Post From Erik Gustafson


We are always chopping up zombies and blowing their heads into frothy pulp, but do we have to? Can they be tamed or at least subdued?  There is a new TV show on BBC America called “In the Flesh” that features rehabilitated zombies that have been reintegrated with society. I watched the pilot the other day.  Pretty silly show actually. Not for me.  But still, I wonder if they always have to be slaughtered to stop them and keep the masses safe…. Consider this newspaper article I found:

Zombies ride carousel, seem happier for it, town relaxes slightly

GORLAND, IA (Rooters) –As the world is paralyzed in the crushing terror of the zombie apocalypse, one small town is sleeping a bit easier tonight due to one innocent amusement ride: a carousel.

In what towns’ people described as a wonderful twist of chance, some zombies have stopped attacking people, choosing instead to sit on brightly colored carousel horses or other animals and enjoy the music and fun.

Edgar Mullins, manager of the antique carousel, says that he came onto his shift one afternoon to find a zombie stuck to one of the horses. He was scared at first, as it growled and clawed at him. Since it didn’t advance on him, Edgar noticed its decayed leg was caught in one of the hooves. Fascinated, by the horrifying monster, Edgar observed it for some time before finally deciding it would be hilarious to crank up the Wurlitzer and make the trapped zombie go for a ride.

The band organ blared on and the ride rotated around and around while Edgar sat back and enjoyed a fresh batch of popcorn. Something shocking happened. The zombie crawled up on the saddle and stopped gnashing and slashing.

It simply stared at the kaleidoscope of lights.

As soon as the music stopped and the carousel stopped spinning, the zombie became agitated. Edgar pushed the button and the started the machine up and the zombie once again relaxed and became docile.

Well Edgar was amazed at what he had discovered. “I dropped my bag of popcorn and everything. If you have ever had carousel popcorn, you know you don’t waste that stuff, but I did.”

The word spread and soon friends and strangers alike were dragging in zombies on leashes and harnesses to the cherished amusement ride. The horses, the dogs, even the dragons and mermaids all quickly filled with not awe-struck children, but rotting, stinking zombies.

Today, there is not one empty animal and most have two or three zombies piled on.

It’s a win-win situation: Happy zombies and fewer people get munched on. Apparently, the zombies are content riding the beloved carousel. “Somehow either the carousel itself or the happy memories the carousel invokes are enough to stop the swarming hordes!”

Billy, age 8, even tells this reporter that he tied a red balloon to one of the zombie’s ankles and “it didn’t do anything.”

Reactions are mixed. While it’s true there are fewer zombies on the streets eating people, the 100 year old carousel is covered in gore and guts. The once brightly painted animals are coated in dark red and black body paint. Body parts fall off regularly and are left to rot on the platform. David Arsenfellow, mayor, says the carousel is protected by law and that this “foolishness has destroyed a landmark”. Still, he can’t deny there are much fewer deaths.

Edgar now has several people that take turns rewinding the music reels and pressing the button. Standing in the center of the carousel filled with zombies is like being in the center of “shit storm” says Ann Greeley.  She adds, “I hate to be the person in the center operating the carousel when the power goes out.”

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